Shout out to Buffalo PD!!!

My daughter called me when she got off work today at 6:00 pm, in down town/old town Buffalo, her battery was dead on her car. I head that way and when I get there, 2 Buffalo officers are parked directly behind her. I get out of my truck, open both her hood and mine and attempted to hook up the jumper cables. This was the first time that I had even popped the hood on my truck, everything under there had a plastic cover on it! I thought I had it figured out, but her car still wouldn’t start. During my first attempt, one officer pulled away. The other sat there in his SUV with a/c blowing, backed into his parking spot, facing us and watched. At no time during the hour that I tried to get my daughters car running did either of them do so much as say “Are you ok? Can I help you? Can I call someone for you?” Two females with OBVIOUS car trouble and not a single step outside of his patrol vehicle, when he was like 5 yards behind us!!!!

Maybe stranded motorists is no longer the concern of Buffalo PD, after all its obvious that I had no intentions of calling for a wrecker, I was not hindering traffic because of my location, and I had the tools, but I must say that I was totally disgusted by the lack of concern by the officers. Both of them ended up driving away. I called a friend/coworker that came and helped us. Within minutes of him correcting my error with the jumper cables, we were on our way.

So husbands and dads, make sure that your wives and daughters have a number of someone other than Buffalo PD to help them if they are ever stranded! Not only is it apparently not in their job description as an officer, but apparently not as a decent MAN either!!


Rachael Waters Dewett