Jerry Wakefield

Leon County Sheriff  at the time of Janice Willhelm's death. He came to the scene and ruled Gerald Willhelm cleared as a suspect by exception. He refused to open any investigation to include the forged will.

Interesting that when the Leon County Oil Boom began a year or so later Jerry's wife Mamie would hold considerable oil minerals in the area. Her 2 brothers also held an interest but she managed to have a District Judge declare them mentally incompetent. The Wakefield's never compensated the Sherman brothers any of the money as would be the fiduciary duty. Currently they sued the Sherman Brothers for they're interest in these minerals. One can only presume they have no intention of  allowing them to collect any monies.

Brent Walters

Chief Deputy of Leon County and a former Houston Homicide Detective

Deputy Walters refused to investigate the death or forged will and continues to tell anyone from the media who inquires for a statement or to discuss the case that is CLOSED and discontinues the conversation to include disconnecting telephone call, He was also present with the other deaths and at each scene reportedly.

Dee Craft

Lt Craft was an investigator at the time of Janice Willhelm's death and took all the photos. She told family members it was a "straight up suicide" She refused to allow any family members to see the alleged suicide note at the time of Jan's funeral. Upon the contest of the forged will Gerald Willhelm listed Dee Craft and her father Homer Coleman as a witness.

When Texas Ranger Andre wrote his report years later about this he quoted Lt. Craft as saying my son told her ...upon learning of his mothers death...."Jan finally got it right" implying she had numerous other suicide attempts neither of my children have ever officially been informed by the authorities I died, Janice's son, Wayne was in Idaho when she was killed.


  1. Dee Craft never contacted Jan's children yet  she attended the funeral they had as well possessing they're cell phone numbers at the time. One few weeks prior she had invited Jan's son to her home for Thanksgiving.
  2. Dee Craft and her father Homer Coleman listed themselves as witness to testify for Gerald Willhelm in regard to the forged will.
  3. Dee Craft tells Texas Ranger Andre De La Garza that Janice Willhelm's son stated upon being informed of the death he told her, "Janice finally got it right"  To this date authorities have never officially informed Janice's children of her death. They only reported it to her brother Sam Robeson and her mother who was in a nursing home with advanced dementia.

Mike Price

Former Sherrif Mike Price also a retired DPS Trooper. He was no longer Sherrif when Janice Willhelm died however, several neighbors died of contact gun shot wound on his watch as Sherrif and all were ruled suicides. Of special interest is Joe Luis Weaver who was also a retired DPS Trooper. Mr Price reported as Sherrif he went to Mr. Weavers home and Joe came around the house and immediately shot himself. Mr Price was the last Democrat Sherrif in the County. He was succeeded by Jerry Wakefield.

Reportedly from more than one source, Mike would cover a murder up for a price.

Jim Huggins (former Texas Ranger)

Janice's death was mysterious to family members for a long time as the authorities refused to allow anyone to see the "suicide note" or "any photos taken" or even a "police report". Janice's son went and saw the Texas Ranger who is assigned to Leon County, Sgt Jim Huggins. Reportedly the most professional and polite person ever dealt with in Texas regarding Janice's death, according to Ranger Huggins he refused to investigate without evidence. He also reported the police report was a good one.

In closing he advised that when he first joined the TX Rangers an investigation was taking place in regard to Leon County Chief Deputy Brent Walters who at the time was a detective in Houston. The investigation was closed upon a witness death.  He retired 5 months later and declined any contact with the private investigator hired by Jan's family.

Sam Robeson

Janice Willhelm's brother Sam Robeson has remained in the shadows regarding her death. However he has been waging a ruthless war upon her children. In 2004 Janice's son Wayne bought the farm that had been in the family for over 100 years. Sam wrote the sale conditions and a family meeting took place in which all agreed and an attorney in Fairfield was contacted to prepare documents for the sale. Mable Robeson retained life estate and was to remain in the home for the remainder of her life.  Sam obtained Durable Power of Attorney after the sale, as one of the conditions. After  Mable suffered a series of minor strokes Sam  promptly moved her out of her home into his home and filed a lawsuit against Wayne  accusing him of taking advantage of his grandmother. Sam then liquidated all of Mables assets including her vehicles, boats and property in Waco. He did not give her any of the money.

The Leon County Sherrif's Department contacted Sam Robeson upon the death of Janice Willhelm but contacted no one else.

Sam never attended the funeral and reportedly had a life insurance policy on Janice.

Before Mable died and after Sam alleged in 3 lawsuits that she was not of sound mind and suffered from dementia he had her sign over the remainder of what she owned, namely mineral rights. He then had an attorney in Palestine prepare a mineral right deed in which he also listed his nephew, Wayne's mineral rights on and filed it in Leon County. Upon realizing he committed fraud he filed another civil case alleging that his nephew gave him verbal permission to take his mineral rights.

To this date Sam has lost every civil case he has filed.

In Oct 2015 Sam Robeson's daughter Tammy was found dead in her home. No funeral was given, her body was cremated and cause of death was never disclosed.

 Mable Lee Robeson

Mable Lee Robeson, wife of Morris Robeson and Mother of Janice Willhelm.

Mable Lee Robeson, upon learning of a lawsuit against her grandson she telephoned her cousin James O Hill , former Leon County Judge and requested he help her stop it. James sent his daughter to Palestine and bring her to Centerville where she went to Diane Oden who was the District Clerk of Leon County and requested the suit be dropped.

She then had her son removed from power of attorney and appointed James O Hill in his place. She requested to return to her home whereupon her grandson Wayne, his brother in law and Larry Watson, another former Leon County Sherrif and current Constable moved her back home. Sadly it would not last as someone contacted Adult Protection Services alleging they had kidnapped Mable Robeson and forced her to end a lawsuit.

Mable allegedly was alone in the home when Morris Robeson, her husband, shot himself in the back of the head with a 38 caliber revolver. In 2016 her former home was being cleaned out and a small cedar box was found hidden in her closet. Inside the box was a check ledger in which a series of transactions were recorded to Edward Jones transaction was for $17,000 and another for $4,000. The transactions are recorded in late 2000 and early 2001. One is for $17,000 and another for $4,000. Per Edward Jones neither Mable nor Morris ever had an account there. They're son Sam did however Edward Jones stated these funds never went into Sams account as it was closed prior. 

To this date is is unknown where these funds went.

Kevin Ellis

Current Sherif of Leon County Kevin Ellis. He promised to investigate Janice Willhelms death and the forgery of her will before he took office. After he took office records were missing and no investigation was ever done.

Kevin met with more than one person allegedly before taking office in which he promised each that he would investigate and look into suspicious deaths and crimes committed. In each case Kevin thus far has done nothing.

Thanks Kevin


Andre De La Garza

A native of Normangee Texas Andre De La Garza was reluctant to look into the case until political pressure was applied. Andre De La Garza, a new Texas Ranger contacted Janice Willhelm's children and a meeting was set up through an attorney in Freestone County. Neither felt safe in Centerville anymore. Strange and violent things had begun to take place at the Wayne Robeson's home after dark when if they were there for any length of time.


Janice Willhelm's children supplied the Texas Ranger with copies of all documents they had including crime scene photographs, the forged will and a copy of the handwriting analysis documenting their concerns.

Ranger Garza was dismissive of this evidence and seemed annoyed. One thing he told them was, "You want me to throw myself under the bus?" They never heard from him again.

Upon retaining services from Private Investigator Skip Enslee who applied pressure through the Texas Rangers and the Texas Attorney Generals Office, Ranger Andre corroborated the previous Police Report and took statements he added from a Leon County Investigator Dee Craft in which she stated the victims son had told her upon being informed of his mothers murder, "She finally got it right."

Ranger Andre also interviewed Gerald Willhelm in which he was told that Gerald loaded Janice Willhelm's weapon with ammunition to include chambering  a round into the weapon as Janice was unable to do so. He further states in the Texas Ranger Report that Jan had talked casually about killing herself and had been off medication for several weeks in which she had become a basket case.

The Texas Ranger did not appear to ask Gerlad why he had given a loaded weapon with a round chambered to a woman who was casually talking about killing herself.

Since then Texas Ranger Andre ran for school board being elected and then running later as School Board President being elected. Shortly thereafter as School Board President he proposed a 12 Million Dollar

bond that has since passed in a 2016 election.

Whitney Smith

Former District Attorney Whitney Smith refused to look into the case. When pressed with the will being an obvious forgery Mr. Smith became agitated and informed us that he is business partners with Gerald Willhelm. We found this suspicious as well as interesting. Shortly thereafter Whitney Smith resigned as the District Attorney of Leon County.

Whitney Smith accumulated hundreds of acres of land during his tenure as District Attorney of Leon County. He also created numerous businesses. He actually owns more than one oil company.

Check back and you will see them listed here rather soon...

Jerry Grimes

Now a Justice of the Peace in Leon County, at the time of these deaths he was a deputy with the Leon County Sheriff's Department and was the first officer on the scene of Janice Willhelm's death.

Deidre Kyle

Known as Dee Dee locally she witnessed the will Gerald probated on Jan. The forged one.

Dee Dee also testified in Leon County Court that she saw Jan sign the will. Was familiar with Jan's handwriting and was acquainted with Jan.

Later she recanted and told investigators she never met Jan and she never saw Jan sign anything.

here is the will she witnessed and testified to in Leon County Court 2011

Ben Partlou

Known as Ben and from Madisonville Texas he signed the forged will Gerald probated on Jan and testified in Leon County Court he was acquainted with Jan and familiar with her handwriting. When interviewed by investigators he told them initially he did not know who Jan was and never met her. Later when shown his signature on the will he replied he must have signed it then. He later told them Jan made good homemade pizza.

When giving a deposition in the case Ben admitted he was given Jan's laptop computer by Gerald. It would be interesting to know what was on that computer.

Person of interest Christine Bain shown with her husband Martin Boren.

Christine Bain & Martin Boren

Christine Bain who works at a local bank allegedly was having an affair with Gerlad before Jans death and after for a time. Reportdely he was her, "sugar daddy. In exchange she was gifted monetary compensation and gifts to include Janice Willhelms jewlery and personal items. Gerald actually testified to some of this information in his deposition.

Probated Will

Within 48 hours of Gerlad Willhelm being found dead a Centerville attorney, Charley Johnson had an application to probate Gerald's will written, filed and stamped at the Leon County Clerks Office within 48 hours. Never heard of any attorney doing anything so fast. Of course they knew a lawsuit was ongoing contesting the forged will Gerald was able to get probated (with some leon county officials help)

It would appear as if they attempted to quietly and quickly probate the will and liquidate as many assets from the estate as possible. Judge Ryder probated the will and made Christine executor. Even with a lawsuit in place and national media attention. A Lis Pinden was filed to stop the selling of assets and Christina took her probated will to Madison County and managed to have some of the mineral rights that are located there placed in her name. Now they have some monetary revenue.  Not surprising behavior coming from 2 criminals like these.

Christine's application to probate Gerald's will