Mellisa Douget Pierce


Born November 12, 1970 and found dead from a single gun shot wound June 7, 1998.Her father Gene retired from the Houston Fire Department. He had previously been elected on the Cut N Shoot city council and as the mayor moving to Centerville in 1986. It is of interest his brother was a highway patrolman in the area until he retired and was elected Madison County Sherrif (Daniel Wade Douget Sr.)

Upon retirement her father worked as a substitute teacher for Centerville until he ran for county Judge of Leon County serving 2 terms. Allegedly several accusations of sexual misconduct and harrasment were made when he was the county judge. His daughter shown here reportedly came forward stating she had been sexualy molested by her father as a teen and could not concieve children as a result. Shortly thereafter her husband Tommy Pierce went to work and she was found later the same day by her father who for unknown reasons traveled to the residence and contacted Leon County Sherrifs Department his daughter was found dead. Her death was ruled a suicide and later the local newspaper published a poem she allegedly had written which they described as "dark poetry" included with her obituary.

Her father was diagnosed with cancer a short time later and is deceased as is her uncle the retired DPS Trooper and former Madison County Sheriff.