Letter to the Editor Uproar

So after the recent revelations about lovely Leon County tact is not the better part of valor for those involved.

As we said a couple of weeks ago, there are strange things abound. Zach Orndorff, his lovely ex Eden  and their hooligan gang we reported had become a law unto themselves in the area. Able to attack people with metal pipes; run people off the road, and burn down homes.

All while the Keystone Cops that are the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Our apologies to the great comedy team of the Keystone Cops, they at least tried to bring the evil doers of the world to justice.

Well, the story continues.

After Texas Public Corruption filed the story,  the friends of Zach decided the best way to discredit the story was not to try with facts but threats.

One person suggested we “take the page down or your ass is grass.”



In the verbal melee that followed friends of Zach got more and more boisterous.

In a last-ditch attempt to try and control the narrative, one of the Centerville Gang decided to try her “nuclear option.”

A bad review on our Facebook page.

That showed us.



Being one that is after the truth, we offered them the following:

We agreed to write a follow up that had their side of the story. They could go on the record; they could present their side.

Their answer, “how do we disprove something that didn’t happen?”

Our answer to that is easy:

Present Evidence that undermines the timeline. A liar, no matter how good, will have their story fall apart under scrutiny.

We then had the offer to come up to Centerville to interview one Randy and Zach. One on one.

Given Zach’s background, we were skeptical.

Instead, we offered them a phone interview, a Skype interview, a Facebook Video meeting. Something that could be recorded so no one could say later that we misrepresented them at all.

Perfectly reasonable, right?

They never agreed to it. However, we stand by the evidence we were given. We take pride in our work. And offered to print their side and a retraction if we were in the wrong.

We were met with the sound of crickets.

The offer still stands, but we are convinced that our answer will be silence.

Meth is a horrible drug.