Energy companies are paying billions of dollars in oil and gas royalties to Texas landowners. But some owners say they’ve been short-changed. The biggest among them: The State of Texas.   “If they don’t pay the royalty, that’s stealing,” Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson told us.   Patterson said the Texas Railroad Commission is

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  As the City of Palestine, Texas is weighing next fiscal year’s budget, residents’ frustrations over the city’s mismanagement and questionable practices are growing louder.     In a recent video uploaded by a local activist, the city’s Economic Development Director Gayle Cooper is seen talking about the city’s proposed 2019 property tax rate and how

The Dead Speak to Centerville Texas

Hello Texas!  You may or may not have heard of Justice for Jan.  Well I am Jan.  And yes, I am very much dead.  Unless you have the ability to speak with the dead we likely will not have a conversation. Perhaps you might take little time and hear what I have been able to

  By Johnnie Belle Reagan     Clearing the air… Texas Area Fund Foundation has played a big role in the happenings in and around Palestine.  It has many prominent members/officers.  I am going to name some but not all here for you and you can decide for yourself if they may or may not

July 25 2018 Yesterday Palestine Attorney Ron Stutes filed a motion with the 349th District Court to have all of Jerry Laza’s life and livelihood taken into receivership.   What that means is they bring the Sheriff and take everything he owns and lock him out of his buildings. I cannot imagine them hauling off

Who is the Texas Area Fund Foundation?

Who is Texas Area Fund Foundation?  According to their website “Texas Area Fund Foundation cultivates and facilitates the philanthropic spirit, responds to charitable needs, and promotes community service”.     The real question the citizens of Palestine Texas should be asking themselves is why Texas Area Fund Foundation so important that our City Council allows

  City Denies Social Media Allegations on Laza Case by William Patrick with the Palestine Herald.   Here is a link to the article from the article “City Attorney Ron Stutes stated under oath he did not have the city’s authorization to sue Jerry Laza on behalf of the city,” the post claims. Additionally,

Money and Murder (part 3)

In 2009, a small East Texas town found itself thrust into national headlines after CNN ran a segment on Anderson Cooper’s  360 reporting on the high number of traffic stops. These stops all resulted in the seizure of large sums of money.   But that wasn’t the real story; there was a deeper level of

I Walked the Line (part 2)

After leaving Federal Service Skip’s adventures continued   From the Great American Plains Skip Enslee relocated to Arizona working as a polygraph examiner for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department. You likely have heard of them as a certain Sheriff referred to as “Crazy Joe” was often in national news for several years.  While there Skip

Solving a Murder (part 1)

Avery “Skip” Ensley and Erik Harris have been investigating several cases in Leon County and adjacent Texas Counties for several years. All are suspicious death cases and they believe foul play was involved. In one specific case they have no doubt it was premeditated murder.  Skip told us the case is connected between someone in