I know what you did last Summer Pt. 2

by Karen Jannise In the case of Joseph Paul Gauthier, missing since April 29th, 2015 from Port Arthur, Texas.  I do know where Joseph is, and I have told the Port Arthur police department everything I know and where he is located. His shoes were found in a plastic bag. They knew where the body

“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

by CJ Ciaramella How the ‘Dead Suspect Loophole’ Lets Texas Police Hide Records of Jail Deaths and Shootings A Reason investigation of a notorious Texas public records loophole found 81 cases where police hid records of shootings and deaths in custody. Kenny Tong, an Austin police officer shot 70-year-old John Schaefer twice in the chest, killing

TABC Space Cowboy

Chief of Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission shoots the messenger, denies corruption charges by Ty Clevenger http://lawflog.com/?p=2094 It’s the holiday season, and joy and peace abound everywhere… if you’re watching the Hallmark Channel. Early this morning (a Sunday, in case you didn’t notice), the executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission sent a nastygram to

Cold Bexar County Jail

$30 could have potentially saved Janice Dotson-Stephens’ life. The 61-year-old grandmother of 10, from Texas, died in jail after being held on $300 bail since July 17. She was reportedly charged with criminal trespassing. However, her family didn’t know she was being held until her unfortunate passing. Dotson-Stephens was arrested in Bexar County, Texas, in

by Ty Clevenger http://lawflog.com/?p=2078 The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s chief cop, Victor Kuykendoll, was promoted to the position while he was still under investigation for assaulting another agent, and even after the agency concluded that Kuykendoll had interfered with an ongoing criminal investigation of two of his friends. Meanwhile, the FBI and Travis County District

by RG Ratcliffe https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/russians-sowed-divisions-texas-politics-says-u-s-senate-report/ In November 2015, just days after terrorists killed 130 people in a coordinated attack in Paris and its suburbs, Texas governor Greg Abbott declared that he would oppose Obama administration efforts to resettle Syrian war refugees in Texas. “Neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that Syrian refugees will not

The Rat has a Tale

by Johnnie Belle Reagan Palestine Herald Press won’t write this Story, but I will. It has been repeatedly reported about the grievous Civil Rights violation that City of Palestine has perpetrated on a tax paying businessman, Jerry Laza with an unauthorized Law Suit.   That has stirred up some grumbles, definitely not as much as animal

by Lady Justice Former Harlandale ISD board member Joshua Cerna was sentenced in June 2018 to a year in a halfway house and ordered to pay more than $40,000 in connection with an FBI investigation into millions of dollars in rigged insurance contracts at other area school districts and at the now-defunct Bexar Metropolitan Water

Booger Mafia Stock Options

by Ty Clevenger, January 2017 http://lawflog.com/?m=201701 It looks like two of my story lines have crossed. According to one of my law enforcement sources, county commissioners in Robertson County, Texas (a.k.a. “Booger County”) were allowed to purchase stock in CopSync, Inc. at a private sale shortly before they voted on a contract with the company. And

Affluenza in Waco

Under a plea deal, after pleading no contest to unlawful restraint, former Baylor fraternity president Jacob Anderson received three years probation, a $400 fine and he will have to attend mandatory counseling. He will not be required to register as a sex offender and will not serve any jail time judge accepted a plea deal