City of Palestine what are you doing?

by Johnnie Belle Reagan   When will enough be enough?  How can the City Council unleash a contractor with an open checkbook and allow him to continue to go unsupervised in a time when the City is a serious financial crisis? How can every department of the City sustain losses due to the financial cut

Dr. Charles Schwertner Texas Republican State Senator Charles Schwertner is being accused of sending a graphic text message to a University of Texas grad student. That text included, allegedly, a photograph of his genitals and a message saying, “I just really want to f—- you.” Senator Schwertner, who is married and has three children, denies the allegation. University

by Ty Clevenger   At a court hearing on August 29, 2018, I questioned attorney Jay B. Goss of Bryan, Texas about how he was hired by a dead woman. Last week, I received a copy of the transcript, and here’s an excerpt: [Clevenger]: Have you ever been part of a seance? [Goss]: Of a what? [Clevenger]: A

Corruption or Missteps, City of Palestine?

By Johnnie Belle Reagan City of Palestine is just like any other county seat in the State of Texas that the IRS and FBI have been investigating the leadership of  Anderson County in the last weeks. What makes Palestine different is the attention that it has been gaining over the past few years.  After starting

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  An Orange County man who was listed as a Democratic candidate running for Orange County judge recently has been indicted along with his marriage partner for injuring a child.   Orange County Democratic leader Don Brown and his partner, Daniel Spencer, were indicted on charges of “felony injury to a child.”   Brown and

VINCENT J.M. DI MAIO, M.D. CONSULTANT IN FORENSIC PATHOLOGY 10 CARRIAGE HILLS SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78257 (210) 698-1400         Re: Janice Wilhelm, deceased     As requested, I have reviewed the following materials in regard to the death of Janice Wilhelm:   The reports of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office The autopsy

A Texas Candidate Shouts Injustice

Press Release For Immediate Release Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018                                                            Website:                                                            Twitter: @AlecJohnson4TX Alec Johnson Leading A Press Conference Re: “Justice for Janice Wilhelm.” What: Press Conference. When: Today, Wednesday, September 19th at 11 AM. Where: 901 E. Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX 75961. September 19, 2018 — Alec Johnson, who is running for State House

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by Ty Clevenger   KBTX reported Tuesday night that Hearne Police Chief Thomas Williams was suspended without pay, and Mayor Ruben Gomez advised the station to get a copy of a Texas Rangers investigative report to understand why. No need to wait. You can read a redacted copy of the report by clicking here, and yes, it’s

Without a Trace

By the “Consulting Detective” for the Hamilton Family Before I start with the entry I want to thank Johnathan’s mom Angie for talking with me regarding her son’s case. I want to say ahead of time that I personally do not agree with many of her theories regarding her son’s disappearance. And that is ok.

What are they hiding?

by Palestine Herald Press   Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor is either hiding something about the death of prisoner Rhonda Newsome, or fanning flames of suspicion that may be entirely unwarranted. Either way, he’s doing the public a disservice and should immediately authorize the release of the jail surveillance video from June 15, the day