Leon County Hand-off

Happy Holidays! A happy, loving mother suddenly commits suicide, shocking her family and loved ones. The circumstances are suspicious, and her children know that their mother would never kill herself. Her husband, who had already stolen money from his first wife before divorcing her, then produces a will her children knew nothing about and secretly

Texas Has a Corruption Problem

Texas is a fantastic place to do business: Taxes are low, the trial lawyers are on a short leash, regulation is light, and the state government is an energetic advocate of business growth.   Also: Texas is an insanely terrible place to do business: It has corrupt public officials — law-enforcement officers on the cartel

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Houston First

  By  Trent Selbert The city of Houston created a shell company to pay Houston First employees, keeping the public from knowing how many people were on the payroll and from knowing how large the payroll was. Houston First Corporation is the ‘quasi-governmental’ agency created in 2011 to spin off the city’s tourism department into

Leon County Public Corruption Introduction

Welcome to the home of the Leon County Corruption Blog. Our goal is to expose the corruption and theft running rampant among the officials of Leon County and to raise a public outcry and force the perpetrators out of office and out of the county. People have been murdered and property stolen, and no one

Written By Joe Cochran Nearly three years have past since I started my investigation into the Daniel Underwood death which we know by all eyewitness accounts it’s a murder. It was time that I go to Dallas, Texas and meet many of the people involved in this case while also filming an episode of Warner Brothers

Written By Joe Cochran After my completion of “Eyewitness To A Killing”, I pondered what could possibly seal the deal in the shooting death of Daniel Underwood.  As if the statements, forensic evidence, many expert opinions weren’t enough and the most important fact to the case an eyewitness who seen it go down (Maria Harvick)


In the early morning hours of September 4 2008, Daniel Underwood lost his life from a 12 gauge shotgun blast to the head. What was quickly ruled a suicide, has many unanswered questions.  Underwood died in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  The story has previously been written about, yet, I intend on digging a little deeper using

Whistling Dixie

  by CARLTON STOWERS   “What do you know about the Dixie Mafia?”   “Nothing…They’re not like the organized crime families. There’s a bunch that deals drugs. There’s a bunch that hijack trucks and commit armed robberies…They’re not associated with each other. The only thing they have in common, they’re all violent criminals.”–from Tishomingo Blues

John Gray still prepared for a siege

by Nickiey Drew A Texas carpenter and sovereign citizen 18-year self-imposed standoff – the longest in history- has ended, but he has vowed not to leave his ranch in a nearly $35,000 back taxes dispute. Therefor it may actually be starting back again.  After posting the article we were almost immediately assaulted by individuals stating