The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has designated Mexican drug cartels as the “greatest criminal drug threat to the United States” for the past four years. This week, the Justice Department announced it was narrowing in on a relatively new network that has surpassed other transnational criminal organizations in its power and reach into the United

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Local economic development deals must be brought out of the shadows and into public view. Basic reforms would make deals between politicians and corporations more transparent by subjecting them to Texas’ existing transparency laws.  This is a strong suggestion for Palestine Texas in Anderson County.     In 1999, state law was changed to exempt economic

by Ty Clevenger   The State Bar of Texas’s Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel (“OCDC”) apparently wants to send me a message.  For years now, I’ve blogged about cronyism and corruption in the state bar, and I recently blogged about OCDC’s refusal to investigate a lawyer who purported to have been retained by a dead woman. Last

Anybody who has watched at least one episode of Law & Order knows that in America, anyone accused of a crime is considered “innocent until proven guilty.” That’s the way it should be, at least. When a person is accused of a crime, the burden of proof belongs to the accuser. But what most people

Leon County Commissioner Dean Stanford was awarded a document for Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2018.  The Leon County Commissioner who pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge after choking and punching his wife in March will keep his job, officials said Friday.  Because Commissioner William Dean Stanford pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor instead of the

    Here’s a troubling story in Texas right now. Democrat Mike Siegel is running against Rep. Michael T. McCaul (R) in Texas’s 10th district. This evening I saw a tweet from Siegel which said: “Just learned that my field director was arrested while delivering our letter. He told police he was working for me

Texas Police Seize a Yard Sign

A Hamilton woman’s homemade political sign was meant to support the #MeToo movement and spur people to vote. But the accompanying visual spurred criticism — and a visit from law enforcement. At some point during Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s testimony last week, Marion Stanford grabbed a piece of wooden paneling, some paint and the $5

Texas’ Attorney General Ken Paxton stole another attorneys pen. Well it was a $1000 pen. Who the heck carries around a 1k ink pen?  Attorneys usually. It happened at a Collin County courthouse, where lawyer Joe Joplin rushed through the security stop, needing to get to a hearing. A few hours later, he realized he’d

Caught Between Light and Shadow

Picture it: 1960’s Leon County Texas.  We were a backwoods sort of Mayberry with our very own Andy Griffith, but our sheriff’s name was Ben Lee and then Buddy Bell.  They were good men and the community trusted them.  Neighbors helped neighbors and the community stood as a whole.  We looked out for one another

No Medicaid Expansion – No Travis Clardy Official Statement from Alec Johnson Democratic Candidate for Texas State House District 11     Turning to consider the specifics of Clardy’s contract with Memorial Hospital, his $120,000 annual retainer – that’s right, $120,000 a year — seems to be a very poor bargain for Nacogdoches County. And

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