How I Remember Normangee Texas

  Antagonism and Resonance with Populism   Recently I was watching the news in which the “caravan” in Mexico was moving north towards the United States with thousands of homeless people too include women and children. Someone commented that maybe an airstrike would solve the problem.  I have seen women degraded on national television by

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John Oliver wants you to vote for your state’s attorney general, and he’s not afraid to use a little light torture   “State attorneys general — and yes, that is the correct plural, and if you already knew that, I’m sorry that high school was such a rough time for you,” John Oliver said on

The two deaths of Mary Morris

The Mary Morris Murders   On the afternoon of October 12, 2000, an ATV rider came upon a smoldering car in a remote area just outside of Houston, Texas. Inside the car, was the body of a female. Four days later, and only a few hundred yards away, another woman was found murdered. She too

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A Poll From 2015

A Poll taken following Ken Paxton’s indictments indicated most Texans wanted him to resign. Why is he currently running for office again? 62% of Texas Republicans Want Paxton to Resign. First question: Who are the 38%? The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee—which reported in August 2015 that its polling had found Donald Trump winning more support

Today’s City Council Car Wash Vote

by Jim Shutze Today the Dallas City Council will be asked to vote to commit a form of public fraud. The council will be asked to launch a process that would shut down a private business as a public nuisance, even though years of extraordinary effort have failed to prove it’s a nuisance. But this vote

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Missing man may have been abducted

Michael Chambers, 70, disappeared in 2017 from his Hunt County home in Quinlan, about 40 miles east of Dallas. Deputies said after an initial investigation, they believe he may have been taken against his will after they found blood in his shop outside his home. Investigators say he was known to carry money but do not

by Johnnie Belle Reagan As an investigative reporter I spend hours and hours doing research on stories.  You hear and read a lot of information and some of that information isn’t important at the time.  As I sat watching the Local News last night listening to an investigative report about Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick and

by Bill Whitaker Almost every election now, Americans face what you might call a good citizenship test: Some of us must decide whether, out of party loyalty, to vote for a candidate so utterly contrary to integrity, ethics and good governance that the candidate’s election risks damaging state and country. Texas voters will be guilty of

Injustice in Kendall County Texas

In the spring of 2005, Air Force Colonel Philip Michael Shue was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. Shue was 54 when a violent car crash took his life two years earlier. His vehicle struck some trees alongside a Texas interstate highway, not far from San Antonio. But even as

Dallas Vs the Car Wash Man

Kevin Felder, King Cuckoo of the Dallas City Council, Strikes with Vengeance by Jim Shutze   Dallas City Council member Kevin Felder bragged about killing a neighborhood improvement entity in his own district for political reasons. Last week I told you a story about Dallas City Hall that made no sense whatsoever — nothing new