Why do so many people go missing from the Houston Texas area? More on that later this week. Today’s blog is in regard to Maria who has been missing since last summer. On June 21,2018 Maria Jimenez Rodríguez left her baby at the sitter and left to work around 8am like any other regular day.

It is still up in the air whether a small group of Tarrant Republicans will succeed in a controversial plan to oust a leader of their party because he’s Muslim. Tarrant Republican precinct chairs met for nearly four hours Saturday — and considered the issue behind closed doors for more than an hour — before

Leon County Murder of 1918

BLACKSHEARIANA   October 15, 1918 R.K. Blackshear of this city received a telegram Sunday afternoon advising him that his brother C. H. Blackshear who lived in Oakwood had been shot and killed in Trinity River bottom near that place about two o’clock. His brother left a wife and child.     On October 15, 1918

A  judge in Harris County, Texas, responded to getting voted out of office by releasing every defendant who appeared before him Wednesday. “It was like everyone got a get out of jail card.”  an informant in the court said. “I think this was a post-election weird blip,” said public defender Steve Halpert. “He made a

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Hobgoblins and Demons

by Jim Shutze Warding off Election Night Hobgoblins and Demons by Focusing on School Do you remember when it was fun to sit up election night watching the returns roll in? At our house we used to make popcorn. Now it’s like watching a dress rehearsal for the end times. We eat chocolate candy that’s

Former Texas Congressman has gone to Prison

Steve Stockman was convicted in April after a three-week trial. The FBI announced he has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Steve Stockman, a Republican former congressman from Texas, has been convicted of defrauding two conservative mega-donors and funneling their $1.25 million into personal and campaign expenses as part of what prosecutors have

Separation of Church and State in Texas?

Evangelical Christian groups have filed multiple lawsuits across Texas arguing that businesses have the right to discriminate against LGBTQ+ workers… because religion. They’re arguing that they shouldn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else solely on the basis of their faith. And unlike the lawsuits involving Christian bakers and florists, this has nothing

Dia De Los Muertos & Elections

It must be awkward when you’ve declared someone dead and then they not only show up alive, they show up with lawyers.   A Texas judge initially granted an injunction temporarily halting officials’ plans to purge 77,000 “presumably dead voters” from the rolls, finding (this is my interpretation, anyway) that the four plaintiffs had successfully

Ken Paxton and the State Bar of Texas

Old News that is still News   by Ty Clevenger Yesterday’s bad news from the State Bar of Texas may not be the last for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. On Saturday Feb 15, 2016, I filed a separate bar grievance against him for violating state securities laws. I wasn’t planning to make the grievance public so early, and

At only nine days away from midterm elections, a voter and translator are speaking out after a misunderstanding at a Houston voting poll. Volunteers with the Korean American Voters League say they organized Sunday as a special day of early voting, with Korean translators at the Trini Mendenhall polling site on Wirt. “They work hard