Leon County Citizen of the Year

MIKE GLICK is not the person he has represented himself to be to the community for years. He is a fraud This is exactly what Mike Glick is , he is a sexual predator who has molested his own family (ME as a child along with other family members) he has tortured myself with his evil actions from the time I was born thru today with mental, physical and emotional abuse. He is a evil man who has misled everyone in this community and today I will not allow it to be unknown anymore.

Mike Glick has lied to the extent that led to my wrongful imprisonment in federal custody and again I was held until finally the false charges were dropped against me but nothing has ever been done about the false charges that Mike Glick trumped up. Since then he has made many more reports to law enforcement that are again nothing more than 100% lies with no evidence but for some reason he is allowed to continue this type of behavior.

Just yesterday Mike Glick and Lance Pavelka (buffalo Police Chief) conspired together to have more charges brought against myself by saying I confessed to a crime that I have 0% involvement with. The think that is funny is I record and document 100% of my life and for some reason no one will even listen to the recordings or evidence I have that completely prove that he and Lance Pavelka are lying crooks. This is ridiculous. Mike Glick is such a lowlife that he was sleeping around on my mother when my younger brother was born and while my mother lay in a hospital bed with her newborn. This man has manipulated and misrepresented himself throughout the community has destroyed many lives including my own. Just last night Mike Glick set in my yard at 3am honking the horn trying to provoke me into some kind of altercation which I refuse to do and he was allowed to leave and go on about his day and unchecked because of the corruption in my community.

Someone has got to put a stop to this chaos and one more thing all of this that is currently happening is simply a distraction from Mike’s ongoing affair with Christie Stanford where he’s been running around behind my mother’s back and the reason that he is upset with me is because I forced him to confess to my mother his  infidelity.  I am going on but that’s enough for now.


If this wasn’t enough that I have been screwed over in every single way possible and lied about , put in prison for false charges and then released after the U.S. Attorney in Waco learns they are trumped up nonsense.  Now I found out that I have two warrants for my arrest on more trumped up charges. Complete lies, when will this ever stop?   The corruption in Leon County is ridiculous.  It’s amazing what you can get done in this county with absolutely no warranted evidence whatsoever it’s also amazing how the truth is absolutely ignored 100%

This must be the most corrupt place I have ever heard of in my entire life.  The funny thing is I have tried to report some real crimes and not one person will even talk to me but they’ll issue arrest warrants for me instead.  I think they want me silenced.

Chris Glick



Private Investigator notes

<- yellow corvette bottom right corner with door open

Buffalo Motel August 28 2018.

Mike Glick and Christie Stanford check in together after 7pm.

Molly Glick arrives at 9 in a yellow corvette and begins to honk the cars horn repeatedly next to Mikes and Christie’s vehicles.

Christie leaves at 11pm

Mike leaves the following morning.