John Gray still prepared for a siege

by Nickiey Drew

A Texas carpenter and sovereign citizen 18-year self-imposed standoff – the longest in history- has ended, but he has vowed not to leave his ranch in a nearly $35,000 back taxes dispute. Therefor it may actually be starting back again.  After posting the article we were almost immediately assaulted by individuals stating they were members of the family informing us were incorrect. The assaults continued over the weekend from being accused of trying to profit from they’re past to not accurately describing the situation. Upon revealing they had multiple social media accounts and updating we were then assaulted through the internet accusing us of exposing they’re privacy.  We posted a picture of the family sitting outside around a table drinking what appears to be cola with ice in glasses.


Gray, 66, was accused of biting a Texas trooper during a traffic stop, then jumping bail after his arrest.


The family have been holed up in their patch of rural land in Trinidad, Texas, living a pre-20th-Century existence, since January 2000 – waiting for a siege which, in truth, has never really materialized.



Gray and his clan have been living on 47 acres behind a fence without running water and electricity but with plenty of guns, challenging authorities to arrest the patriarch for a third-degree felony warrant issued more than a decade ago.


He says he hasn’t left his property since 2000, all the while allowing his distrust of a government he views as evil to fester.



Gray now faced a January 31 deadline to begin paying the taxes — he’s 12 years behind. Gray says he’s prepared to have another standoff.


Gray said Thursday that he’ll take up arms if officials try to seize his 47-acre ranch near Trinidad, about 60 miles southeast of Dallas.


A video was circulating in which John Gray stated he would be using prayer and accepting any donations. We learned that the tax problem has now been resolved.

Our apologies from Texas Public Corruption. Life inside the Gray Compound is not exactly what was

described as we learned the hard scrabble diet consists of Coca-Cola, Bakery made Birthday Cakes and

other assorted store-bought items.


The sheriff did warn me if we couldn’t start meeting our taxes, he’d have to do something we both might regret. There will be a standoff,’ Gray, 66, told the


Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt, a former Texas Ranger who let Gray confine himself to avoid endangering deputies or Gray’s wife and now-grown children, said Friday he told Gray to ask for help ‘before something happens.’


“The sheriff encouraged Gray to accept donations to pay the taxes, the landowner said.


‘I don’t want us to get back in the same situation,’ Nutt said: ‘We won’t unless we get an order from the court.”


Nutt said he does not know of any agency seeking Gray. ‘His criminal problems are over as far as I know,’ the sheriff said.


Gray’s supporters may wonder if Gray is still a wanted man, but Nutt says that he’s no longer out for Gray.




‘He’s free to go,’ the sheriff told HuffPost. ‘I’m not out there watching him.’

Sheriff Ray Nutt is no longer in office


At 66, Gray appears eligible for a legal delay, the newspaper reported.



A Texas law passed in 1979 and simplified in 2003 allows homeowners with a senior-citizen exemption to put off paying taxes, including any owed, until the property is transferred or sold.


Gray has a homestead exemption but has never applied for a senior exemption or filed the paperwork to defer taxes,


Henderson County tax assessor-collector Peggy Goodall said that Gray would have to go to the appraisal district office to do so.


Even though Gray vowed to stay on his property he grew sad at not being able to attend friends’ funerals – though he said he’s take his home over being behind bars.


‘We have our garden. For a prison, I’ll take a prison like this any day.’

My eyes and hearing are going bad,’ he said, but ‘I’d have to see a doctor.’


When asked about the government Gray said: ‘We all knew that Obama’s a Muslim, but God put him in office. … God wants us to turn back to his way.’


The case gained national notoriety in the summer of 2000. In August that year, three armed men ventured into a neighbouring pasture at dusk and destroyed a surveillance camera and video transmitter that authorities had placed in a horse trailer, before retreating to the Gray property.


Later, Chuck Norris, martial artist, actor, right-wing Christian book author and fellow Texan, met with Gray at his ranch and offered to get him free legal representation in an attempt to end the standoff. ‘There’s two people that family looks up to: Mel Gibson and Chuck,’ an intermediary said. But even Norris couldn’t resolve the impasse.


‘I wanted him to turn himself in, and we talked about what he would do after that … but I never made a concrete offer because he just didn’t want to turn himself in.”


For Gray, though, there is a higher power to listen to. ‘It’s coming,’ he said of the apocalypse. ‘It’s time this country knows God is coming,’






Several family friends of the Gray’s posted comments on social media and emailed us they felt the story

was slightly outdated. Sherriff Ray Nutt, a former Texas Ranger is no longer sheriff and the property tax

has reportedly been settled. Interesting enough we learned the Gray’s appearing to be living more

comfortably than originally reported. They have social media accounts on Facebook and post photos on

the compound. Messages to other family and friends in the community indicating they have

electricity…internet…and cell phones. In reviewing they’re individual Facebook pages one can see they

also, clearly have the ability to make ice, it’s in the glasses on a table outside where they are sitting.




For days we have been bombarded with poorly written assaults coming from the Trinidad Texas area reminding us that the Gray family is no longer

under siege. Numerous comments left suggest the group of family and supporters are looking for someone to siege themselves now.  One woman

commented on the groups use of confederate flags and was immediately attacked by another identifying herself as John Grays daughter. Another

person emailed us anonymously threatening some form of an attack declaring they were “the Greys” evidently not realizing how the family name is





Confederate flags evidently are a popular theme with the family.  Almost every member has them on they’re social media page. Several comments and

discussions are posted in relation as well as stating one is flown at the compound. When journalist are invited over we did not see these things. However its not

uncommon for folks to disguise or hide something they may not wish outsiders to see or even know about.

Mr. Gray’s para-military/militia preoccupation would make his wild claims of “black helicopters” and DNA theft at the county jail seem laughable to the

outside media and the US Attorney’s office, thus making him, in the eyes of local officials, the ideal candidate for property foreclosure. Those who publicly

complain about the corruption have been met with law suits, police raids, and death.  While we may not approve nor condone of the Gray Family  but  we do

respect  they’re tenacity to beat Public Corruption in Texas, specifically out of Anderson County.  A hearty good luck to you people.





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  1. Scotty Hollis says :Reply

    We all could learn a lot from this . We buy land and pay taxes until we die ,so really it’s never ours government controls it. He is just standing up to the corrupt government we live under.

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