Joe Weaver

Joe Weaver Widow and Step Daughter

Police Report

Leon County Authorities have denied every FOIA and public information request to date from Journalist stating no police report, scene photos or 911 call exist. We have however been given discreetly by an informant a cover sheet of the alleged police report for Joe Luis Weaver which indicates the date of death, address and officers assigned. This indicates a record did exist.

Highway Patrolman Joe Weaver who was born and raised in Centerville, TX moved back towards the end of his DPS career. He was the first person on the scene of Morris Robeson's death and requested an investigation. He asked Morris Robeson family members if they knew where Gerald Willhelm was at the time of the death and if they learned to personally inform him. He began to ask questions and some felt he was investigating Robeson's death himself.

The day before he died his wife Jennifer Weaver picked up her daughter and his youngest son from school and drove them to Madisonville on I45 asking the son to telephone his father requesting he go into the house from the barn where he was at. The step daughter has reportedly told school counselor Patricia Hammond that she had been molested by Joe previously.

Allegedly his wife telephoned then sherrif Mike Price to check on the welfare of Joe. After leaving a gas station in Madisonville his wife drove back to the home where they found the sherrifs deputies at the house and Joe was dead. Mike Price reported that upon arriving at Joes home he witnessed him walk from the barn to the house and stopping to pull his serivce pistol and shoot himself in the head.

The Leon County Sherrifs Department states they have no police report, no scene photos and no 911 call. Later it was reported Mike Price wrote a redacted police report in 2008 in which he records deputies Osborn and Netterville taking scene photos to which there is no record.