Janice Willhelm

Murder Weapon

The weapon photographed where it was found laying on the floor. There is no blood on the end or on the carpet. The red marks on the sofa is part of the upholstery.

In December 2010, Janice Wilhelm allegedly committed suicide. She was shot by a .45 caliber semi automatic in the throat at such an angle the bullet went into her lungs and severed her spinal cord. It is quite difficult to shoot oneself at that angle. Janice Wilhelm had no upper body strength and utilized a walker to get around the house.

Law enforcement claimed the deceased left a suicide note, but family were never allowed to see it. Nor were family members allowed a copy of the police report. Wilhelm’s son went to the sheriff’s office and was told to leave. A journalist in California requested the police report, photos, 911-call and autopsy report. The journalist turned over this material to Wilhelm’s family.

The police report asserted Janice Wilhelm killed herself because she was out of prescription painkillers, yet the photos reveal multiple prescription bottles with pills next to her chair and a UPS bill for a prescription delivery.


Suicide Note

The date in the upper left hand, January 20 at 2:00pm is 11 months prior to her death. The authorities claimed this was a suicide note and refused to show the family until it was subpoenaed.

Janice's Body

The victims spinal cord severed from gun shot rendering her paralyzed immediately yet manages to toss the weapon she was unable to load or chamber a round into 10 feet away and then place her hands under the blanket.

Shell Casing

The spent shell casing from the single gun shot. The Bersa is designed for the casing to eject to the left and down. If the victim had shot herself it would have been in the chair or blanket, not several feet away. It appears the shooter stood above the victim.

Incriminating Details from the Crime Scene:

1. On the chair Wilhelm was sitting in, is a grocery list, with prescriptions listed.

2. The blood under her chair is coagulated.

3. Her hands are under a blanket, even though she had just shot herself.

4. The “suicide” weapon is a considerable distance from Wilhelm.

5. The brass discharged from the weapon is behind a sofa, covered with a red cup, impossible for it to be there unless someone shot Wilhelm standing over her.

6. On the autopsy report, the Dallas medical examiner writes ... “gun powder residue kit GPRS returned to…Leon County Sheriff’s office.” The Sheriff’s Office denies ever doing a test. The local funeral home staff member states they did; he saw it.

7. Pathologist Dr Vincent Di Maio, former Medical Examiner of both Dallas and Bexar Counties as well as leading murder pathologist in the United States investigated the death and states in his report that it is homicide.

8. Investigation of Jans Prescription medication and Gerald Willhelms deposition reveal that Gerald lied to the Leon County Sherrif Department (listen to 911 call & see police report) in regards to Jan being out of prescription pills and how much they cost. It was revealed Jan had never been out of medication and in fact the majority of the cost was covered and cost them $5 a month. Not $500 as stated in the 911 call. Further more she was never out of medications as stated in 911 call and police report.


A new will by Janice Wilhelm appeared. Expert Documents Examiner Wendy Carlson declared it a fake. The new beneficiary drills an oil well that produces over $100k a month.

The beneficiary named in the forged will appears to be in league with Leon County law enforcement, the District Attorney, and the county Sherrif.



Autopsy from the Dallas Medical Examiner who stated to investigators later that Leon County Sheriffs Deputy Jimmy Gifford accompanied the corpse and waited while it was examined. A Gun Powder Residue kit was tested and returned but the results were not recorded by the Medical Examiner in the report. The Medical Examiner stated the sole reason she ruled the victims death a suicide is because the Sheriffs Department said it was a suicide and that they had a suicide note.
The gun powder residue kit on the victims hands were at first denied by the Sheriffs Department until they realized it was recorded on the autopsy. When the victims children subpoenaed the record from them they reported it had been lost.

Pathology Report

Police Report

Private Investigator Report

Medical Records

Medical records of the surgery in which a large tumor the size of an orange was removed from the victims left dominant arm.

Forged Will Handwriting Analysis

Oil Royalties

Gerald Willhelm Deposition

Death Report