Human Trafficking in Madison County aka Smallville


Convictions in a ring involving both prostitution and human trafficking in Madisonville.

A Madison County jury sentenced defendant Jennifer Nicole Kelly, 33, of Madisonville, to prison for operating a human trafficking and prostitution ring in Madisonville.  She was sentenced to 15 years for the trafficking charge and 10 years for a compelling prostitution charge. The prison sentences will run concurrently.

Informants now say Jennifer Kelly operated her ring for many years without any interference. When asked why not, they speculate that money was made and a ring of people enjoyed the profits. In addition they say another, larger ring, enjoyed the services she provided. Then things must have changed evidently or her business got to hot to cover up anymore.  One has to wonder where the clients for her business came from?

Police had been receiving complaints at the house for more than nine months before they investigated. Investigators believe the madam living inside would offer the prostitutes a place to stay and even force some of them into the business after getting them hooked on meth.

The prostitute victims were not only from Madisonville but also Brazos, Grimes, and Leon Counties and one was a male.


It was five years ago this month the defendant was indicted for trafficking of persons under the age of 18 and compelling prostitution of a child, both first-degree felonies. On Wednesday, Madison County jurors convicted Kelly of both charges and sentenced her to 15 years for the trafficking charge and 10 years for the compelling prostitution charge.


For several years, Kelly recruited females to work as prostitutes by offering them a place to live in her mobile home. The defendant arranged prostitution engagements between the females and the customers, charging both parties a fee and keeping some of the victims’ proceeds. Investigators discovered one of the females Kelly recruited and trafficked was a 17-year-old minor, who had engaged in prostitution for Kelly since she was 14 years old. That means she lived in that house in Madisonville for 3 years prostituting herself. We find that odd for a small town where many residents enjoying knowing about everyone else and they’re business.

How had Nicole Kelly managed to operate a human trafficking and narcotic operation for so many years in a small town like Madisonville?

Investigators were near downtown looking into a case they say involved girls as young as 13 being forced into sex work, and they think as many as twelve people may have been involved.

We were told by more than one person who wish to remain anonymous that a similar house was also operating in Buffalo Texas for many years.


Police believe the prostitution was happening at the home in Madisonville for as long as five years without being detected.


They say those forced into prostitution there were at times as young as 13, yet the operation continued for several years


Two of those working in the home were underage at the time the search warrants were executed.


Madisonville Police Corporal Jonathan Zitzmann says it’s a crime often under reported.


“What our intel has told us is this ringleader, this madam, she will recruit people you could say and exploit their vulnerabilities if they are impoverished,” said Zitzmann.


Two men in the home were arrested on drug charges after police say they found meth and marijuana in the home.


22-year-old Zachary Winningham and 58-year-old Henry Jones face drug-related charges.


A third man was arrested for an unrelated warrant. 31-year-old Jason McKinney had an outstanding warrant from out of the county.


“A lot of time it spreads by cellphone. There’s some rumor that Backpage, which is a website of a sexually oriented Craigslist you could say, that is used to communicate and recruit some of the victims,” said Zitzmann.


“It’s surprising right here in small town Madisonville. You never know,” was resident Otis Moten’s reaction.


Otis Moten stopped by to visit his aunt and uncle next door had no idea what was allegedly taking place inside the neighbor’s house.

“We know them, they was friendly. You know come out and speak or whatever but other than that that was about it,” he said.

“Lot of people in the community look at prostitutes as suspects but we look to ’em as victims. Even though they don’t look at themselves as victims, right now down the road they’ll look back and they’ll definitely realize they were a victim when this went on,” said Corporal Zitzmann.


The home was owned by Kelly’s grandmother who lived offsite and stated to authorities she wasn’t aware of what was happening.


Authorities evicted everyone from the home. So you can no longer procure narcotics and sexual services there.


Police reported that they executed the search warrant when the underage prostitutes were not at the home to protect their safety. Isn’t that what CPS is for?


In National News  the actress, Allison Mack has been arrested today April 20 2018 in New York City, New York for her alleged involvement in a sex cult.

Federal Prosecutors say she assisted in the cult that enslaved females and even branded them.  As far as we know at least the girls in Madisonville were not branded.

On Friday, both the Smallville actress and Keith Raniere were charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York confirmed that Raniere, the founder of the self-help group NXIVM and the alleged cult leader, was arrested last month after being  indicted on federal charges. He was arrested in Mexico on sex trafficking charges and following his arrest, and extradition, Raniere appeared in front of a federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas to face charges of sex trafficking and forced labor in New York State

Within NXIVM, there was reportedly a secret “sorority” called DOS, also known as “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions.” Mack, 35, was allegedly a DOS Master who recruited and directed slaves to have sex with Raniere, also known as “Vanguard.”  In 2017, The New York Times reported that a “secret sisterhood” within NXIVM referred to female members as “slaves”, branded them with Raniere’s initials, and required them to provide nude photos or other potentially damaging information about themselves if they wished to join.

“As alleged in the indictment, Allison Mack recruited women to join what was purported to be a female mentorship group that was, in fact, created and led by Keith Raniere,” U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue said in a statement. “The victims were then exploited, both sexually and for their labor, to the defendants’ benefit. This Office and our law enforcement partners are committed to prosecuting predators who victimize others through sex trafficking and forced labor.”

According to prosecutors, after she recruited women to join the organization, she used tactics such as blackmail to force them into engaging in sexual activity with Raniere against their wishes, and enslaved them to do menial tasks, for which Raniere allegedly paid Mack. Mack is said to be second in command of NXIVM after Raniere. Many women claim to have undergone forced branding with a surgical instrument that carved Raniere’s initials into their flesh.

Notable Clients of NXIVM  have included Richard Branson as well as actresses Linda EvansAllison MackKristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne According to Forbes magazine, 3,700 people had taken part in its Executive Success Program as of 2003, including Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BETAntonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States; Stephen Cooper of Enron; and Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

Emiliano Salinas (son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas), has been identified by Proceso magazine as “director” in Mexico for NXIVM. Does anyone suspect he might be recruiting young women as well?

Reporters  reached out to a representative for Allison Mack, who had no comment.  Clearly this kind of thing appears to be getting out of hand and just because someone looks nice…does not mean they are. How such a pretty and successful woman could be such a demented and sick puppy is shocking at face value. But then again so is the level of corruption in Texas at this time.

Allison Mack


a branded victim displays the mark for a New York Times photographer


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