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MADISONVILLE, TX — A police sergeant and a Madison County DA Investigator enacted a plan to frame an innocent citizen with felony drug charges.  When caught and found guilty,  his malicious scheme to ruin someone’s life only earned him a paltry sentence of 30 days in jail — just a fraction of what he intended to inflict on his victim.


The incident took place in November 2011, when Madisonville Police Sergeant Jeff Covington and his ex-wife Laura were going through a custody battle.  Sgt. Covington devised a plan to wipe Laura out of the picture, send her to prison, ruin her life and reputation, and allow him to seize control of their children.


Covington followed through with his devious plan.  He had a confidential narcotics informant,  Jeremy Kidd,  plant methamphetamines in Laura’s vehicle, and then tipped off a Texas DPS trooper that the vehicle was “riding dirty” (carrying narcotics).   The trooper followed up on Covington’s tip, stopped Laura, and found the meth.  Laura Covington, who was 7-months pregnant at the time, was placed under arrest.  She was booked at the Madison County Jail on felony charges for possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.


Sgt. Covington’s plan had worked.  Laura was arrested and faced charges that would destroy her credibility for the rest of her life.  She lost custody of the two children, just as Covington had hoped.


The plan started to unravel when prosecutors detected that something was amiss.  Laura passed several drug tests and it became clear that her ex-husband had instigated the stop.  Even during the traffic stop, Laura was on video suggesting that this was a scheme hatched by her ex.  Assistant Attorney General David Glickler dismissed the charges in January 2012.  ABC News reported Laura’s reaction:


“Being arrested when I was seven months pregnant, going to jail, and then having my two young children taken from me was a nightmare that still causes me pain to this day,” she told ABC News.  “It’s like a bad dream, but the sad thing is that it’s not a dream because it actually happened.”


“Having my babies taken from me was the worst part about this entire ordeal and if Jeff would have succeeded in his scheme, I could have lost them forever.  My family and I will move on, but I will always be looking over my shoulder,” Laura Covington said.

Jeff Covington was charged, rightly so, with multiple crimes stemming from the scheme.  After going to trial and facing a jury, he was convicted of retaliation.  Covington waived his right to an appeal in exchange for the state dismissing two other charges – delivery of a controlled substance and official oppression.

Former Madison County District Attorney’s investigator Justin Barham was indicted by a grand jury the Friday before and had been charged with official oppression and delivery of a controlled substance. Later those charges were all dropped. More on him later lets get back to Covington.


After the Madison County DA recused his office of prosecution and  the Texas Attorney General appointed special prosecutor to the case things looked up. Justice appeared to have been served until the disappointing sentence was issued.  Covington was sentenced to only 30 days in jail, and probation time. The sentence shocked many who read it.


Laura, who says she “lived in fear for a long time” will only be able enjoy one month of peace without her malicious, criminal ex-husband on the streets.


Under Texas current drug laws, Laura faced the possibility of serving multiple years in prison, as a part of her ex-husband’s scheme.  Jeff’s actions were far more morally repulsive and dangerous to society than a person possessing a controlled substance , but he got off with a fraction of the punishment he aimed to inflict. Question;  Where were the Texas Rangers in this case?


During one of several traumatic incidents of Laura and her families nightmare in Madisonville a CPS investigation took place regarding the children. It was over nothing she had done but what her husband was believed to have done to one of the children. During the brief CPS investigation a Texas Ranger made an appearance and justified Jeff Covington’s actions as undue stress inflicted upon him.  If any one of you had abused your children badly enough to bring in CPS I seriously doubt the Texas Ranger’s are going to vouch for you and run interference. Family members of Laura advised the ranger stared them down in a intimidating manner.


Yet officers who are caught and convicted of abusing their power are frequently let off with little to no punishment.  In another Texas story, a DPS trooper was sentenced to zero days in jail after being found guilty of “officially oppressing” two innocent women with disturbing roadside body-cavity searches.


It is unnerving that they find it appropriate to deliver draconian prison sentences to people who have never committed violence nor victimized anyone, while simultaneously giving slaps on the wrists to brutal and oppressive law enforcement officials proven to be abusing citizens with their official powers.

In the aftermath, a Civil Rights Case is now ongoing in Federal Court for 5 Million Dollars and Jeff Covington is remarried and has signed away his parental rights to the children. The Federal Judge recently ruled in the case that …  “ORDERED to remove the City of Madisonville, Madisonville Police Department, and
any individual defendants in their “official-capacities” from the caption of this case.”

Also of interest is that in the Federal Pleadings of the case Jeff Covington, Justin Barham and Jeremy Kidd are named conspirators however it also uses the term, “others.” If you have read about the case in the past you might recall the Madison County DA recused his office from any prosecution of the conspirators. It is actually said he used his influence to have the charges later dismissed again Barham. A Madison County Grand Jury did indict him yes. Most likely that was a dog and pony show to facilitate camera crews and reporters from local television stations.  Thus far the only one of the trio to go to jail for any length of time has been Jeremy Kidd.

Not surprising the Madison County authorities would prefer you the reader to not know what is going in Federal Court with that Civil Rights case. They really do not want a lot of things revealed. Like maybe who those “others” are and what exactly did the “others” do?

This is the case if anyone wants to keep up with it.





VS. CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:13-CV-03300



******************* UPDATE *******************

A page from that Federal Case for the general reader. As one can see the Madisonville Police Department had knowledge of Covington’s actions before he implemented them with Barham. In addition the Police Chief was warned by a Madisonville PD Officer and chose to ignore that warning as everyone else chose to do until the confidential informant urged by others came forward and confessed. That folks is corruption in a bag.

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27 Comments to “ Corruption In Madison County”

  1. A concern citizen says :Reply

    Some of the officers let they authority go to their head!!! Im speaking on the Woman Officer and Im not talking about the two new women on the force…

  2. Anonymous says :Reply

    The things I could show you of the new police chief.

  3. Truth says :Reply


    Who does that????!!! Lol

    I bet Jeeter is the Ranger involved. I’d put money on it.

    Officer Laws killed an officer K9 by leaving him in a hot car and forgetting about the poor dog- Laws was “quietly dismissed” and paid no punishment for killing an official K9 officer.

    Trooper Reece almost shot a minor and no disciplinary action was given.

    Officer Poe got caught by his wife (she was the jail administrators at the time) getting a blowjob at Buccees by a civilian WHILE HE WAS ON DUTY- pretty sure porn was what he was dismissed on his last job from..

    The Lorenze twins (officers) are drug users.. but bust people for doing what they do??? One of their wife’s at the time (now ex) was a addict and arrested for shop lifting.. got super special treatment through her case bc it was his wife and he never left her side…

    I could go on- but I’ll stop there.

  4. Truth says :Reply


    What better place for his wife to help cover up his shit than in the courthouse itself?! Lol…

    That entire town is poison. If you aren’t born and raised there- you’re screwed.

    Rangers have been informed several times about Madison County’s corruption, but nothing ever comes of it.


  5. Deb says :Reply

    Hang the bastard from a tree. Go back to public hanging and it would stop some of this crap.

  6. Obligation says :Reply

    As a Husband and as a Father

    A Man has duties. He has no reason to refuse those obligations.

    No? ……who defines those duties….himself or someone else?

    His superiors most times…..No man has the slightest right to define another mans duties. If anyone here exercises such impudent power it is only because idiots permit him to do so

    Tell me the difference in these people. NOTHING

  7. Madison County Resident says :Reply

    “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”

    I understand the concept meaning to defeat evil working within the parameters of the law and conducting it honorably. The problem lies in who would one report or give evidence too? The Madisonville Police? Madison County Sheriff ? Texas Rangers? They are not going to help other than to cover it up and maybe let some evil ones know what you are doing. And then your in for it.

  8. Brother in Christ says :Reply

    Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

    For many years this county and the one next to it to the North have been overwrought with Satan’s influence. I can and will testify to 2 important points here. Jury Tampering and a local attorney who has gotten away with it for many years. And no, I do not need nor want a bicycle. When the time comes I think the Lord will bring many to testify to those 2 points. I feel the Lord is close to bringing us that time.

    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
    Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

  9. tell it like it is! says :Reply

    most of madisonville pd quit the following 6 weeks of the incident coming to light. rats fleeing the sinking ship though it has not sunk and now the rats are scattered among us….

    this entire story is a very accurate depiction of the events. if anything there was more LEFT OUT that may or may not come to light in federal court. don’t kid folks mr fake news commenter (one of barhams or covingtons minions i suspect) the dps trooper were gunning for laura. why do you think they made her take more than one drug test and kept her for 2 days? they were trying to make the case stick that’s why. as far as the ranger i do not know but i do not doubt it for one moment.

  10. corrupt officials says :Reply

    just to add my 2 cents. it was the victims family and friends who persuaded jeremy kidd to come clean on what he done. not the authorities
    from what he told me no ranger or dps trooper ever put pressure on him until he admitted what he done and who put him up to it. funny thing they never did anything to them cops for what they made that boy do either.

  11. The Truth Hurts says :Reply

    Fake News has no authority to dictate who may post here. That is clearly left whoever runs or moderates this site. Many people use they’re cell phones and its rather easy to misspell words using one. From what I can see its 9:30am central time and this post will likely be time stamped in the afternoon. Clearly the site is hosted in Europe. In regards to the story not being true. I disagree with that statement having lived here my entire life and being associated with all the people involved. The Ranger who ran interference for Covington in that CPS investigation was Jevers out of Huntsville. Nothing has ever happened to Barham and Jeremy Kidd whom they intimidated and coerced to plant the drugs? He went to prison. There is nothing untrue here except your comment.
    the truth hurts sometimes

  12. Fake news says :Reply

    First of all if you only have a first grade education or been up on meth all night, please don’t post on here because some of yalls spelling and rambling is horrible. Some parts of this story are true but not the whole story. Covington should have received a harsher sentence that is true. The trooper and ranger were the ones that worked hard on the case and exonerated Laura. The ranger was never rude or ugly to her. They were on her side. The system worked. Laura was innocent and was found not guilty and Jeff was guilty and found as such. Be mad at the jury for not imposing a tougher sentence not the officers or prosecutors who did their job.

    1. corrupt officials says :Reply

      i call BS on your comment

    2. William C says :Reply

      @ fake news

      exactly what in this story is not true?

    3. Anonymous says :Reply

      @ Fake news ..there was not jury trial. Covington plead and was sentenced by the judge

  13. N/A says :Reply

    They let cops get away with all kinds of stuff these days. That man should stay in jail for 5 to 6 years for what he put that woman though and those kids

  14. Shane says :Reply

    Who are we to judge anyone no of us are innocent. God is the judge this criminal will face. It was wrong for what he had done and terrible for her and the children my god bless them.

  15. Anonymous says :Reply

    Covington was actually a decent man before he got caught up in all the corruption there…he reaped what he sowed

    1. JBR says :Reply

      I will tell you right now that Covington was dirty when he came to Madisonville the first time. I know that as the truth. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

      1. Truth says :Reply

        That’s why he was let go from his job overseas- Prostitution and drugs…. he’s worthless

  16. Pissed off says :Reply

    They need to get them badtards out of the DA office. Risinger especially

    1. Truth says :Reply

      You are so right! RUMOR HAS IT THAT RISINGER WAS IN THE CAR WITH COVINGTON AND BARHAM WHEN THE DEAL WAS MADE!!!! The AG rep came down to investigate it and ended up having a full blown affair with Nicole- DA RISINGERS SECRETARY!!! You think that might be a conflict of interest?!?!

      I would think…

  17. N/A says :Reply

    Meanwhile the county adjacent and north of Madison, Leon. That’s the really scary place. The cops there (deputy’s) will cap you with a round and rule it a suicide. A lot of meth is being made up there.

    1. JBR says :Reply

      It’s been a rampant in those two counties for well over 20 years.

  18. Carl says :Reply

    I am about as pro Lae Enforcement as it hets but anyone in that business who abuses the position or the trust deserves a severe punishment. We allow them much authority and power and expect honorable behavior in return.

  19. Bastards all should have harsh punishment ESP SINCE THEY KNEW BETTER and tried to run her life while serving the county. That is,a major abuse of power with nothi g more,than a hand slap

  20. Anonymous says :Reply

    Interesting article.

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