A Texas Candidate Shouts Injustice

Press Release For Immediate Release Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018                                                            Website: www.AlecJohnsonForTexas.com                                                            Twitter: @AlecJohnson4TX Alec Johnson Leading A Press Conference Re: “Justice for Janice Wilhelm.” What: Press Conference. When: Today, Wednesday, September 19th at 11 AM. Where: 901 E. Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX 75961. September 19, 2018 — Alec Johnson, who is running for State House

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by Ty Clevenger   KBTX reported Tuesday night that Hearne Police Chief Thomas Williams was suspended without pay, and Mayor Ruben Gomez advised the station to get a copy of a Texas Rangers investigative report to understand why. No need to wait. You can read a redacted copy of the report by clicking here, and yes, it’s

From Newsweek by Nicole Goodkind Ted Cruz’s Texas senatorial campaign has sent hundreds of thousands of mailers seeking donations that are meant to look like official county summons, a high-ranking campaign official confirmed to Newsweek. The brown envelopes read “SUMMONS ENCLOSED-OPEN IMMEDIATELY” in large black letters, and have a return address of “official county summons.” While

A Border Patrol Agent is a Serial Killer

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was arrested Saturday in Texas on suspicion that he killed four women and prosecutors are describing him as a serial killer. The agent, Juan David Ortiz, is a supervisor for the Border Patrol. He fled into a hotel parking lot in Laredo, Texas after he fled from state troopers but was located and arrested

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End Qualified Immunity

    Congress passed a law to restrain government actors. The courts should enforce it as written. I’m going to start with a story that will break your heart. In the early morning hours of July 15, 2012, a young man named Andrew Scott was up late, home with his girlfriend. They were playing video

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By Eric Dexheimer Graham Dyer died in August 2013 from head injuries he suffered while in police custody. When Mesquite refused to turn over videos of Graham’s arrest, his parents used a back-door way to obtain them. The images, which at times appear to contradict police accounts, are the basis for a federal lawsuit. In

Without a Trace

By the “Consulting Detective” for the Hamilton Family Before I start with the entry I want to thank Johnathan’s mom Angie for talking with me regarding her son’s case. I want to say ahead of time that I personally do not agree with many of her theories regarding her son’s disappearance. And that is ok.

What are they hiding?

by Palestine Herald Press   Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor is either hiding something about the death of prisoner Rhonda Newsome, or fanning flames of suspicion that may be entirely unwarranted. Either way, he’s doing the public a disservice and should immediately authorize the release of the jail surveillance video from June 15, the day

By Geoffrey Nathan In Texas, corruption is classed as a type of racketeering. This comes under the RICO – Racketeer-Influence and Corrupt Organization – Act. Corruption means that a business or act is run illegally as part of organized crime. In other words, criminal organizations like the mafia are not able to profit from a

Abuse of Power in Llano Texas

by Jodie Barr  Grand jury indictments against a city of Llano police officer and a Llano County deputy are the latest in a series of criminal charges against the largest municipal police force in the county. On Aug. 13, a grand jury indicted Llano Police Officer Mark Burke and Llano County Deputy Duncan Roberts each