A  judge in Harris County, Texas, responded to getting voted out of office by releasing every defendant who appeared before him Wednesday. “It was like everyone got a get out of jail card.”  an informant in the court said. “I think this was a post-election weird blip,” said public defender Steve Halpert. “He made a

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Former Texas Congressman has gone to Prison

Steve Stockman was convicted in April after a three-week trial. The FBI announced he has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Steve Stockman, a Republican former congressman from Texas, has been convicted of defrauding two conservative mega-donors and funneling their $1.25 million into personal and campaign expenses as part of what prosecutors have

Ken Paxton and the State Bar of Texas

Old News that is still News   by Ty Clevenger http://lawflog.com/?p=1043   Yesterday’s bad news from the State Bar of Texas may not be the last for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. On Saturday Feb 15, 2016, I filed a separate bar grievance against him for violating state securities laws. I wasn’t planning to make the grievance public so

At only nine days away from midterm elections, a voter and translator are speaking out after a misunderstanding at a Houston voting poll. Volunteers with the Korean American Voters League say they organized Sunday as a special day of early voting, with Korean translators at the Trini Mendenhall polling site on Wirt. “They work hard

The two deaths of Mary Morris

The Mary Morris Murders   On the afternoon of October 12, 2000, an ATV rider came upon a smoldering car in a remote area just outside of Houston, Texas. Inside the car, was the body of a female. Four days later, and only a few hundred yards away, another woman was found murdered. She too

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by Johnnie Belle Reagan As an investigative reporter I spend hours and hours doing research on stories.  You hear and read a lot of information and some of that information isn’t important at the time.  As I sat watching the Local News last night listening to an investigative report about Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick and

Injustice in Kendall County Texas

In the spring of 2005, Air Force Colonel Philip Michael Shue was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. Shue was 54 when a violent car crash took his life two years earlier. His vehicle struck some trees alongside a Texas interstate highway, not far from San Antonio. But even as

by Ty Clevenger http://lawflog.com/?m=201810   The State Bar of Texas’s Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel (“OCDC”) apparently wants to send me a message.  For years now, I’ve blogged about cronyism and corruption in the state bar, and I recently blogged about OCDC’s refusal to investigate a lawyer who purported to have been retained by a dead woman.

Anybody who has watched at least one episode of Law & Order knows that in America, anyone accused of a crime is considered “innocent until proven guilty.” That’s the way it should be, at least. When a person is accused of a crime, the burden of proof belongs to the accuser. But what most people

Leon County Commissioner Dean Stanford was awarded a document for Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2018.  The Leon County Commissioner who pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge after choking and punching his wife in March will keep his job, officials said Friday.  Because Commissioner William Dean Stanford pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor instead of the