Texas Man Jailed for City Ordinance Violations

By Johnnie Belle Reagan I just googled that headline like we do everything now days and what I found wasn’t shocking yet…  There are all kinds of City Ordinances.  In Waco a Manager of a Strip Club was arrested because an undercover cop saw two dancers touching a patron. Another site reported a Copperas Cove

Home Grown in Santa Fe

by Lady Justice   There is no worse feeling than sending your kid’s to school and on a random day in May you are alerted that there is an active shooter at your child’s school.  The blood leaves your body, your stomach is in knots while you watch the news as you desperately call your

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  This written affidavit is made pursuant §614.021 of the Texas Government Code, complaining of the wrongful and unlawful conduct engaged in by Rene Aaron Olivarez, a Texas peace officer employed as Special Agent by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) ID No. 11884.    I further request that Agent Olivarez be criminally investigated for violations of

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The Blessed Peace Maker who strayed aside

Last year Tim Dean proudly cited a Bible verse, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God” – Mathew 5:9 Things were better for Tim last year too. He was the police chief of a small town. Was in a relationship with a pretty girl and helping to raise her 2

 by Ty Clevenger http://lawflog.com/?p=2058   A federal lawsuit filed today in Austin describes a culture of “cronyism and outright corruption” in the Texas Department of Public Safety, alleging that top DPS  officials whitewashed a Texas Ranger’s role in a fatal car accident and quietly demoted another ranger who had been sleeping with a murder victim’s

by Michael Cole   There was once a time where telling crowds that you had the endorsement of your state’s US Senator or Governor was a big deal. It meant that you had distinguished yourself in local or state politics. It was a way to highlight an up and coming new politician, or to reward

For white Christian Republican pastors stung by election results, it is no longer enough to just say Democrats are wrong. The Democratic Party is “basically godless,” a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention said in defeat on election night. Pastor Ed Young of Houston is not the only pastor saying that. The leader of the Houston-based

When 21-year-old Christopher Precopia met with a recruiter to enlist in the U.S. Army in October, he was rejected because of the violent offense for which he had been charged last year. Precopia, of Williamson County, Tex., was arrested Sept. 22, 2017, after his ex-girlfriend told police that he’d broken into her home and assaulted

The Rampage that became a Scandal

    Was the states largest poaching case ever, as reported by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department a scandal? Six boys confessed, they were charged and the case was widely publicized.  Yet only one was sentenced to prison. He was 17 and had no prior criminal history. The eldest who had criminal history was

It is still up in the air whether a small group of Tarrant Republicans will succeed in a controversial plan to oust a leader of their party because he’s Muslim. Tarrant Republican precinct chairs met for nearly four hours Saturday — and considered the issue behind closed doors for more than an hour — before