by Andrea Zelinski  State Sen. Angela Paxton has filed a bill that would expand the authority of her husband, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and perhaps soften the securities law he has been charged with violating. But Angela Paxton, R-McKinney, says that influencing her husband’s trial was not a factor in proposing the legislation. “That

The Mysterious Aircraft of Onalaska Texas

Why does a small East Texas town called Onalaska have more than 1,000 registered aircraft – and no airport? Nestled along the shores of Lake Livingston, Onalaska lacks an airport. A WFAA review, however, has found more than 1,000 registered aircraft claiming an Onalaska address. That’s equivalent to one plane for every three Onalaska residents,

Hit & Run in Dallas Texas

Wake up Kevin you will never be Wylie, not even Coyote: By Johnnie Belle Reagan A Dallas City Council Member, Kevin Felderman was accused last week of a hit and run. Mr. Felder was on his way to a Council meeting when he struck the scooter being ridden by an unnamed 18-yr-old man who sustained

Stephanie C. Quinn works year-round at New Braunfels ISD as a curriculum specialist, but after hours she consults for smaller districts as far away as the Panhandle and Gulf Coast. Her husband, an assistant principal, has started bar tending at music festivals in Austin. The couple needs the extra money to cover their soaring health

by Ty Clevenger The chairman of the Texas Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee quashed an internal investigation of a female state trooper with whom he had an affair, according to an amended federal lawsuit filed this morning. The lawsuit alleges that Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) intervened with Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw to terminate the investigation

Walmart Extortion Case Dismissed

A federal judge dismissed a racketeering lawsuit accusing Walmart Inc and six other retailers of extortion by forcing accused shoplifters to take costly “restorative justice” classes or else be reported to the police. So shoplifters were caught and not reported to the police? Retailers from 3 states, Texas California and Georgia have all reported they

By Lynn Parramore The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools It was the strike heard ‘round the country. West Virginia’s public school teachers had endured years of low pay, inadequate insurance, giant class sizes, and increasingly unlivable conditions—including attempts to force them to record private details of their health

Two Texas newspapers compiled a database of more than 200 sexual abuse offenders involving 700 victims within the Southern Baptist Church despite decades of convention leaders refusing demands to create a list of sexual predators. BY BENJAMIN FEARNOW & Robert Downen  The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News collected the mugshots and sexual abuse reports of

An environmental group found that all of Texas’ coal-fired power plants have polluted groundwater with multiple chemicals, including arsenic, which was detected at 13 of the 15 sites. by Christopher Collins In 1975, Alonzo Peeler Jr. figured that selling a small section of his ranchland to a power company was a sage financial move. Now 78,

The Psychopathology of Corruption

Corruption serves as a “power mask” to hide personal insecurities. by Jack Schafer Ph.D. Corrupt people and people who are susceptible to corruption are not happy people. Happy people strive to maintain happiness. Unhappy people will do anything they can to become happy. Happy people resist change because change could introduce conditions that cause a reduction