Karen Jannise In the case of Michael Chambers.. I keep seeing through a vision, a large tree with a large hole in the trunk of this tree. The tree stands alone in a large field and the field is outlined with a fence. I also see a dirt road on the other side of that

I know what you did last Summer Pt. 2

by Karen Jannise In the case of Joseph Paul Gauthier, missing since April 29th, 2015 from Port Arthur, Texas.  I do know where Joseph is, and I have told the Port Arthur police department everything I know and where he is located. His shoes were found in a plastic bag. They knew where the body

I know what you did last Summer

by Karen Jannise   On April 30th, 2015 a truck was discovered sitting on top of the Rainbow Bridge in Port Arthur Texas. The vehicle was running, and a man’s wallet and personal items were inside. He was last seen at 10:30pm April 29th, 2015. His shoes were sitting next to the ledge of the

Why do so many people go missing from the Houston Texas area? More on that later this week. Today’s blog is in regard to Maria who has been missing since last summer. On June 21,2018 Maria Jimenez Rodríguez left her baby at the sitter and left to work around 8am like any other regular day.

Missing man may have been abducted

Michael Chambers, 70, disappeared in 2017 from his Hunt County home in Quinlan, about 40 miles east of Dallas. Deputies said after an initial investigation, they believe he may have been taken against his will after they found blood in his shop outside his home. Investigators say he was known to carry money but do not

Without a Trace

By the “Consulting Detective” for the Hamilton Family Before I start with the entry I want to thank Johnathan’s mom Angie for talking with me regarding her son’s case. I want to say ahead of time that I personally do not agree with many of her theories regarding her son’s disappearance. And that is ok.