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Hero complex for local parasites

Drug Deals and Insurance Pay Offs for all I originally posted most of this article several years ago on another blog dealing exclusively with Cherokee County Texas. A little rewrite and some new material. Voila’!   Its current, hot and more accurate than the majority of pleadings in the 87 judicial  district court. First a message to

Leon County Citizen of the Year

MIKE GLICK is not the person he has represented himself to be to the community for years. He is a fraud This is exactly what Mike Glick is , he is a sexual predator who has molested his own family (ME as a child along with other family members) he has tortured myself with his

How my family has been terrorized

Texas public corruption is rampant in Leon County.  I will say this over and over, “You want to kill someone? You want to commit arson? How about raping children? You name the crime and you sure won’t get the time in Leon County, Texas.”  I will start off by sharing numerous things that have taken

Shout out to Buffalo PD!!!

My daughter called me when she got off work today at 6:00 pm, in down town/old town Buffalo, her battery was dead on her car. I head that way and when I get there, 2 Buffalo officers are parked directly behind her. I get out of my truck, open both her hood and mine and

Lawnmower Man vs. Corrupt City Hall

This is a story of one man trying to make his dreams come true only to be harassed by a local government out of control. This is the story of Jerry Laza and his stand against an out of control City Hall.  Jerry Laza has repeatedly been harassed by a local government out of control.