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“Saddle up and ride out of town after the sun goes down” It’s time for council members to give City Attorney Ron Stutes the boot. His bad advice and bungling have, arguably, cost Palestine and its working-class taxpayers $1 million or more. The city can’t afford any more of Stutes’ incompetence. During closing arguments Monday,

CPS stole my Granddaughter

First off, I want to thank you for taking time to listen to my story, I have reached out to numerous local reporters and it seems none of them are willing to help. This involves my daughter (Arianna Haley) and grand daughter (Ava Duque) This entire nightmare started January 11, 2016. At around 4:30 p.m.

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Taylors Bayou

What’s really going on at Taylor’s Bayou? On January, 23rd, 2019, Donald Ray Goodman, a 54 year old male was on his way to work at a refinery in Port Arthur, Texas when he started having car trouble.  He was on the phone with his wife as he had stopped, stating to her that his

“We Have Standards Here” Beelzebub, chief lieutenant of Lucifer, reported in a press release earlier this week. The instigators of a 2010 corruption case in Leon County are not welcome in hell due to moral standards laid out by its ruler in a rare but concise statement from the Dark Lord of the underworld. Satan, also known as the Devil, confirmed

Red River Bridge War

by Christopher Hooks & Dennis You might think that a river would make an ideal border, that it would obviate the need for legalistic squabbling. But people have been arguing over the Red River for longer than Texas has been around. It was a source of conflict as soon as it appeared on a map, and

The Gilley War

by Bob Bowman It’s an alleged feud so deadly it was rumored to be worse than the infamous Hatfield-McCoy dispute, and it claimed the life of an Angelina County sheriff One of the most sensational crimes in the county took place during the Civil War – long before Lufkin and The Daily News were founded

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Ship of Fools in Palestine Texas

CITY COUNCIL REFUSES TO DO THEIR JOB…THE ONGOING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IMPACTS THE SAFETY AND FINANCIAL SECURITY OF OUR CITIZENS I just schooled some other citizens of Palestine who said that our City Council – is not responsible for anything, not supposed to enforce laws and that I do not understand the role of city council

by Aunt Crabby Buffalo Texas Leon County Court; where justice comes to a screeching halt   A toxic family dispute has erupted again spreading hazardous substance from southern Freestone County to Centerville.  The long-time county narcotics trafficker has been seeing another woman which has enraged his long-time wife.  She has rallied her “kin” and the

Tea Time with Crash (Wolfe City)

by Crash, with Scooter and Trash You may have heard that the image-conscious Los Angeles Unified School District chose to return the grenade launchers it received from the Defense Department’s surplus equipment program. You probably have not heard about some of the more obscure beneficiaries of the Pentagon giveaway:   Police in Johnston, R.I., with

Palestine Budget Buster !

by Palestine Native Son, Jack Coleman   Purchase of $80,166.73 dump truck with a lapsed purchase order? Public Works Director obtained a Purchase Order in March, 2018 for a 2019 dump truck chassis to be delivered upon availability.  It appears the Purchase Order was not entered as an encumbrance against the 2017-2018 budget. The invoice