The feud between Jerry Laza and the City of Palestine has brewed for decades. The City of Palestine, Texas, has taken Jerry Laza back to court allegedly make him comply with a court order and “clean up” his property filled with lawn mowers. “Laza is running a junkyard at his lawn mower repair shop. The

East Texas Task Force

  A former Federal Officer turned Private Investigator claims East Texas officials have generationally benefited from the ongoing narcotics trade by being involved in it at every level. Not only are federal monies under the Byrne grants siphoned off by small-town law enforcement agencies, but local officials use the Tulia Laws to grab up foreclosed

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A Hat Full of Hate in Palestine

  On Aug. 16, 2017, Anderson County resident F. Lee Morris, one of Sheriff Greg Taylor’s most outspoken critics, came home to find an Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputy, identified as Colman, on his property.   Morris, who has a longstanding suit against Anderson County and Taylor, has made several allegations against Taylor and his