A Hate Crime in Normangee Texas


hate crime (also known as a bias-motivated crime or bias crime) is a prejudice -motivated crime which occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership (or perceived membership) in a certain social group or race. To include someone that identifies as a homosexual.


An unsolved missing person case involving a Leon County man now qualifies for a $3,000 reward from the Texas Rangers, according to Leon County Crime Stoppers. That should certainly shake some trees. Make way for the informants now.


Jim Craig Martin’s disappearance was first reported to the Normangee Police Department in August 2007.   The police refused to accept the report until August 15, a full week after Martin was last seen.


Martin was last seen in the 2900 block of Springfield Road in his hometown of Normangee, Texas on the morning of August 6, 2007. He was with a group of people at the time, and another individual was driving his Honda Accord. He has never been heard from again.


A woman early the next morning was struck by Martins vehicle and run over suffering injuries. She reported the driver and passenger were not Martin. And another time the passenger was Martin and the driver being Hollis Willingham.  And reportedly at a lineup later she refused or denied being able to identify the driver.  It would be almost another week before authorities would even open a missing persons case.


Two days later, Martin’s car was found abandoned and burned in Leon County Texas. There was no sign of him at the scene. Although his family had attempted to report him missing earlier the authorities were not interested yet.


Martin frequented the Houston, Texas area before he went missing.  He primarily went to gay bars in Houston and had numerous friends there.   Jim Craig Martin was homosexual.  Before he vanished we were told many citizens in the area did not approve of Martin to include relatives.  One of which we were informed made comments that they needed to run him out of town.  One who spoke to us on condition of anonymity stated that it was thought within the community that eventually Martin would move to Houston.

When he continued to live with his mother and have a male lover that he was seen with in public in Normangee and possibly Madisonville she believes someone, and others conspired to eliminate him.

“There were people who even bragged they got rid of him after he went missing” she said


Sylvia Moss of the Normangee Star says Martin’s mother has been running a missing persons ad in the paper every year since he went missing.


“As a mother my heart goes out to her,” said Moss. “She’s doing all that she can do.”


Setting aside her sympathy for the mother we have been told many here have no sympathy for Martin.

Another source said this.


“You don’t exactly see the paper writing any articles or hear about people organizing a search when he first went missing. No they would chuckle and snort.”



“The crime scene was set on fire and burned out,” said Leon County Sheriff’s Office. “Witnesses are sketchy and now the longer a case goes the witnesses’ memory and chain of events are somewhat foggy.”


The crime scene was set on fire? Yes they believe he was murdered by a storage facility and then the grass burned where his body had fallen and laid until it was removed.  Consider that this happened during the day in a small town where everyone knows your business. They know who is dating who and what you do in your spare time one local told us. How can they not know what happened to Martin?


Interviews have been conducted with witnesses and possible suspects, but the case remains unsolved.  Investigators have had numerous tips that he was murdered, and his body disposed of in a rural area in Leon, Madison or Brazos County, Texas. Foul play is suspected in his case, which remains unsolved.

Currently the Texas Rangers have Martin listed in their cold case website. Don’t hold your breath though, it appears to be another Leon / Madison County corruption case. Locals in the area found the idea of a blatantly gay man living in the community to be an abomination. To paraphrase what more than one person told us……..

“They convinced someone or several someones (probably mentally unbalanced someones) to get rid of him. Afterwards one would  presume smarter ones got involved and cleaned up the crime scene, disposed of any evidence. They must have made a real mess of it because it was not ruled a suicide. That’s usually what they do here. Murder someone and call it a suicide.”

A distraught mother is calling the police who likely gave some others time to eradicate any trace of a crime. Once its safe we can call EquuSearch!  But they have conducted 2 searches already and found nothing. Sources say Martins body will likely never be found.

Over 10 years later the state is offering a $3000 reward. I am certain that will bring some people forward!


Sources say a former Normangee Policeman named Daniel Cheney who initally worked for Madison County Sheriff Department and then Normangee PD and even Jewett PD has published on social media that some of this article is untrue. Interesting considering everything here was taken from already published information, official reports and sources who were quoted as such. We are told Cheney wrote on social media that the Normagee PD did an exhausting investigation. Those close to the Martin family disagree stating Normangee PD never did anything. They also point out Cheney was associated with dirty cops who no longer work in Law Enforcement.  It was observed Cheney is currently employed by Walmart and is a nephew of Gerald Willhelm “I think my wife just shot herself article.”




Jim Craig is also listed with the Charley Project



If someone reading wants to pass on some useful information we suggest this link below



Missing Since


Missing From

Normangee, Texas


Endangered Missing

Date of Birth

09/16/1967 (50)


39 years old at time of disappearance

Height and Weight

5’8 – 5’9, 155 – 175 pounds

Clothing/Jewelry Description

A muscle shirt, khaki shorts and Crocs sandals.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Caucasian male. Red hair, green eyes. Martin has a scar on his left elbow. His nickname is Jimmy.



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  1. Hi! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

  2. makes me sick says :Reply

    The same backwater ignorant town it always was. So glad i never came back after college. These posts arguing it was not a hate crime. Here is food for thought, do you think he has been missing and maybe murdered because someone loved him?

  3. strictly confidential says :Reply

    We always felt the Normangee cop had something to do with this

  4. Ronnie Redneck says :Reply

    The last normangee. Pd cheif went down for domestic violence issues but the one before him. Jody Navarro, arrested by the FBI in part of an anti meth trafficking operation. The other normangee cop not arrested but no longer in law enforcement running his mouth on FB Martin was killed because of drug involvement. LOL. The cops were involved in the drug involvement and still are.

  5. Anonymous says :Reply

    Everyone is getting off subject of course Normangee and other towns in leon and Madison county are crooked as hell, dope trade controls them no question asked and the law are involved just like they know Hollis willingham killed the Martin guy and have done nothing the guy is out of prison now living a happy life

    1. Sgt Joe Friday says :Reply

      Hollis Lane Willingham DOB Jul 6 1976 was arrested by Normangee PD in mid 2000s for AGG ASSAULT AGAINST PB SERVANT and then in 2008 by Leon County Sheriff Dept for AGG ASSAULT CAUSING SERIOUS BODILY INJURY and then in 2015 arrested for AGG ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON….i fail to see how they are protecting him?

      1. Anonymous says :Reply

        Srg. Joe your on crack he wasn’t charged with nothing in 2015 he just got out on a 10 year sentence from the assault on peace office and they gave that to him because the so called jogger he ran over Barbra Ann wouldn’t identify him in the lineup

        1. crack head says :Reply

          07562321 TDCID
          01491615 Name
          WILLINGHAM,HOLLIS LANE Date 2015-11-09

          1. Anonymous says :

            Nothing like a small town, I grew up in one. So many think they are masters of all subjects while knowing very little

          2. Anonymous says :

            that very well may be a TDCJ charge Hollis picked up in the Texas Hotel Chain he was staying at

  6. Anonymous says :Reply

    Why do you think they can’t keep a police chief in town? Why not just pay Leon County Sheriff’s department to send a deputy to patrol like hilltop lakes does? Because the crooked town could not control what the sheriffs department does hello

    1. Don says :Reply

      The sheriffs department in Leon and Madison are just as crooked. So is the Ranger. He is from Normangee. Look into the recent school bond. He sits on the school board and pushed a multi million dollar school bond. Why?

  7. Anonymous says :Reply

    Why do you think they can’t keep a police chief in town? Why not just pay Leon County Sheriff’s department to send a deputy to patrol like hilltop lakes does? Because the crooked town could not control what the sheriffs department does

  8. Attention to any readers of this article. Riding4Justice. Find us on Facebook. We tried contacting the mother of this man, Jim Craig Martin through Mrs Moss at the Normangee Star more than once. We had offered to promote this case on one of our rides. As of yet no one has contacted us. I suspect Mrs Moss never passed the message yet she is quoted as taking the woman’s money to run an advertisement in her paper.

    What we do and why we do it!

    Riding4Justice is just what it says, Riding for Justice. We started this ride in August 2015 because we had so many people who have been wronged by our justice system. At the same time, there have been elected officials as well as officers, lawyers, and some others still using the “Good Ole Boy” system.

    1. Brittany says :Reply

      Jim Martin was my uncle. I live with his mom, my grandmother. Whoever wrote this needs to contact me, please

  9. Bill says :Reply

    If you all know who killed him and what the jogger lied about why dont you tell someone….hey email the writers of this site and tell them so maybe it can be exposed

  10. Anonymous says :Reply

    Normangee is corrupted as can be and the Shaw’s are tied into all the meth in town as well, there building a new bank and have jake Shaw working in the bank which he’s been in federal prison so he shouldn’t be anywhere near federal money the whole city is crooked as hell

  11. Anonymous says :Reply

    It wasn’t a hate crime the so called jogger that got ran over seen some stuff she shouldn’t have seen then didn’t tell the truth what she saw

  12. Anonymous says :Reply


    1. Anonymous says :Reply

      Hollis willingham

    2. D says :Reply

      Hollis willingham

      1. Anonymous says :Reply

        Hollis wingham killed him, Orville Nixon was involved covering shit up

  13. Anonymous says :Reply

    If everyone knows who did it why not say his name? It was one person that done it and everyone in Normangee knows who done it same person that ran over the so called jogger

  14. Lisa says :Reply

    I know the Martins, I also know Normangee, I was run out of town because I worked at the local truckstop and gave the cook, Frankie, a ride home in the evenings, she had twins and was walking home at night, she was also black and I had to cross the tracks to take her home. Rumors started, I was surely going to turn up with a black baby…one day, I went to the local grocery and after shopping was told that they wouldn’t check me out, that my business wasn’t welcome. This is a shitty, inbred backwater town. I don’t find this surprising at all.

  15. Anonymous says :Reply

    Never trust anyone from that place. Buffalo-Centerville-Normangee-Madisonville each town is 15 miles apart on I45 and they are all inbred, related good ole boys. I would know I used to be involved in narcotics. Clean now for several years and almost completed probation. I was lucky. Some ended up with a bullet in the head or hung and ruled a suicide. And the cops are involved.

  16. Anonymous says :Reply

    I will tell you a few things. They know who killed him and it was more than one. The Texas Ranger stationed in Leon County then knew too. He retired. The current Ranger there is from Normangee. His mother is a teacher at the school and they are active in the local Pentecostal Church. They also know. Trust me when I say “they know”
    These people believe Martin deserved what happened to him and are glad he is gone. They will turn a blind eye to what they consider purging the community of undesirables.
    Who can you report these things too without being retaliated on?

    1. Anonymous says :Reply

      It was just one person that killed him others just helped disposed of evidence. It’s all in the meth circle at that time in Normangee

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