A Hat Full of Hate in Palestine


On Aug. 16, 2017, Anderson County resident F. Lee Morris, one of Sheriff Greg Taylor’s most outspoken critics, came home to find an Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputy, identified as Colman, on his property.


Morris, who has a longstanding suit against Anderson County and Taylor, has made several allegations against Taylor and his department. In this case, Morris captured the entire event on cell phone video, which was later posted on the Herald-Press website.



On the recording, Morris asks the deputy why he’s on his property. “I just drove through an open gate,” the deputy says.  Morris’ friend, Earl Cotton, who was with Morris that day, said the front gate was locked when they left. The chain, he said, was cut when they returned.




With narrow exceptions, an officer must have probable cause and a warrant, signed by a magistrate, to enter private property. In the video, no warrant was shown or referenced.

After the article, Sheriff Taylor called the newspaper, calling Morris one of the county’s “nut-cases.” He declined, however, to publicly comment on the matter.

It is interesting that a video exists of the incident.  The video can be viewed by following this link:  Warning the Palestine Herald may charge you .89 cents to view it. They have begun to charge to view the paper online.








To this day Taylor has yet to comment on the actions – and possible civil rights violations – of his officers.





Sadly, Morris never got his day in court: his longstanding case against the Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Greg Taylor was dismissed by the U.S. District Court on Jan. 31 2017.  Morris, owner and operator of a tow-truck company, alleged Taylor illegally removed his company from the county’s tow-truck rotation, due to a personal grudge. His case, filed in July 2016, also claimed Taylor violated his and his African-American wife’s civil rights by making disparaging, racist remarks about her.




It was not the first time that Sheriff Greg Taylor has victimized him said Morris. Several years ago, he stated that the Sheriff’s Department removed heavy equipment from his residence located a few miles from Palestine.   Morris said deputies took a tractor on a trailer as well other numerous other motorized heavy equipment and told him they were investigating if it  had been stolen. Morris advised us that at the time he had recently bought it paying several thousand dollars cash and felt it was worth twice what he paid. Morris said he waited several months before contacting the Sheriff Department again inquiring about the tractor and was told, “what tractor?”







Morris said they never gave him any paperwork. He later learned they had to have a warrant to enter his


property and remove the tractor to begin with.  He remembers the time frame from when a former


deputy was running against the Sheriff Greg Taylor was subsequently arrested for a misdemeanor






Records do indicate a candidate running against Taylor in 2008 was arrested for a Class A Assault.




Further claims of Sheriff Taylor retaliation was a former Newspaper Editor in Palestine Thomas


Martinez, who refused Sheriff Taylors demands and threats to recant a story. He was charged with


interfering with an emergency request for assistance in connection with an argument with his wife at


the couple’s home not long after he wrote an editorial about Sheriff Taylor demanding concessions


from the newspaper.





Taylor’s dispute with the Herald-Press prompted him to cut communications with the newspaper. That generated complaints from readers, who wanted information about where crimes were occurring in the county.




This was not the first incident between Taylor and the Palestine Newspaper. Nor with other Anderson County residents.




Morris told investigating journalist who traveled to Palestine in April 2018 that his real trouble with the


Sheriff began when his daughter was found to be residing at rental property he owned. Morris stated


another woman had rented from him and suddenly left, moving to Athens Texas. He then learned that


another female had been living with her and since the rent was paid he had no objection to her staying.






Then one night he had to move a vehicle that was kept on the same property. Morris said when he


arrived another wrecker driver was already there and parked with the headlights of his truck pointed on


a flatbed wrecker that was also parked on the property. He stated the renter and another girl were


dancing on the flatbed in they’re undergarments.  Morris advised us it was then he realized he needed


to find out more about his renter.  A short time later when he was free he went by the property and


took the girl to eat in his car passing Sheriff Greg Taylors home who he said happened to be in his yard


when the sheriff waved at his vehicle and the female passenger wave back. Morris said it was then the


female renter revealed herself to be Greg Taylors daughter. Morris said she confessed to him she was


having some personal problems and admitted to using illegal drugs


“I told her right then that she was going to have to go.” Lee Morris





Morris claims that shortly after this incident his trouble with Greg Taylor began. It was not long after the Sheriff removed him from the rotation that Morris went to see him in his office.  Morris said he wanted to try reasoning and have a professional discussion with Sheriff Taylor. I wanted to explain my version of events Morris told us and I was interrupted and told,



“I am God in Anderson County.” And then told Morris, “You are a dirty nigger lover.”




In the very least, Sheriff Taylor disregards keeping separate personal grudges from professional obligations.




Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor could have faced federal civil rights charges, after one of his deputies, without permission, entered F. Lee Morris’ property. But he did not. Why?



Taylor has refused to explain what happened, while refusing to answer questions from any journalist.



The allegations are serious. Any sheriff who doesn’t enforce the law in a fair, just, and even-handed manner, or uses his office to retaliate against critics as well enforcing his own personal will is basically a Tyrant.


Whether the gate was locked is irrelevant. With narrow exceptions, an officer must have “probable cause” and a warrant, signed by a magistrate, to enter  private property, unless the officer sees a felony taking place.




Morris said that while the Civil Rights case was active he also tried getting on the rotation in Leon


County where he has family members. He told us he had a  cousin who had spoken to Sheriff Kevin Ellis


there on his behalf. The cousin then told him what he needed to do and gave him the Sheriff Ellis cell


number.  Morris then moved a travel trailer to some property he obtained there and set up.









It was not very long after that he got a call from Sheriff Ellis on his cell phone. The Sheriff told him he


was not going to be on Leon County rotation and that he had gotten word that Morris was a shady


character. Morris asked for an explanation to exactly what Sheriff Ellis meant and was told he had been


advised Morris was a criminal element and he was not going to allow his kind to operate in Leon County.


Morris said he could never quite get him to be any more specific.




The conversation was recorded.




The investigator and writer of this story found that quite odd since Sheriff Ellis appears to have many


criminal elements in his county. Interesting enough the corner stone story of this publication, “I think my


wife just shot herself” focuses on the Criminal Elements in Leon County.  Switching from Anderson County to


Leon may have proved to be worse for Morris in all likelihood.




I think my wife just shot herself



Remember Christine Bain? She is trying like mad to take the Robeson property left to her by Gerald


Willhelm who undoubtedly forged a will that the county probated and then defended. Mostly likely


covered up the woman’s murder as well.  Well her husband is Martin Boren. He can be seen yelling and


threatening a reporter from Los Angeles in the Crime Watch Daily segment.   He operates his own towing business in Leon County. He also has a long rap sheet, aka criminal history. Possession of a controlled substance to felony assault as well as indecency with a child. We did a criminal history check on both him and Lee Morris, who by the way is clean as a whistle. We could not find any prior criminal history on Morris.


Here is a link to watch Martin Boren on Crime Watch Daily. If you are in a hurry, go to the 4-minute mark








So, you don’t want folks like Morris towing vehicles in Leon County….. but it’s “A OK” for someone else with multiple felons to be there and towing vehicles for the Sheriffs Department.  Who is also connected to a suspicious death and a fraud case you might be personally helping to cover up?

We have heard from others who told us that Sheriff Kevin Ellis has covered up other suspicious deaths.


Informants connected to the towing business, a former deputy in Leon County as well as EMS personnel told us about a Ranch Manager several years ago who reportedly struck another vehicle in a head on collision killing the innocent driver.  From the number of folks who told us about this it is abundantly clear the accident did take place, and someone did die. No evidence exists of alcohol being involved with the surviving driver. Interesting enough, the vehicle was a commercial vehicle and no records indicate that a blood alcohol test was ever performed.  More than a few people have told us this story but as of, yet we have seen no evidence to support it. Talking to MADD at the National Office by telephone we were told that cover ups like this in small towns are not that uncommon. Especially if the authorities stand to gain beneficially by covering it up.



Stay tuned for more next week on Sheriff Taylor and Anderson County


Question? Where did Greg find a set of pumps that fit his feet and why is he modeling them for the Rotary Club


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  1. I love it when people come together and share opinions. Great site, keep it up!

  2. Lovely just what I was looking for. Thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

  3. Wendy says :Reply

    What a damn joke all this is!!! Yeah Anderson county sucks ass but really guys they are putting old timey pics of the kkk with new pics!!!! Come on y’all get a damn grip on what’s real!!!

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      i dont see any pics of the kkk here. what r you talking about?

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      When they take everything you own and still beat you down Wendy, dont cry baby. Just remember you say is all a damn joke

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    Don’t be a fool these people can make you disappear. They can ruin you. They can hurt your family. They will not be the ones to do it most likely. They will turn a blind eye as someone else does it for them. They use people like that every day. They discard them when they’re done and always have new ones.

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    Some of these redneck fools wanted to make easy money. Now they are in so far over they’re heads……..

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    Martin Boren……he broke into homes, stole, drugs, sold drugs, ran his ex wife off the road in a fiery auto crash and now he run a wrecker and is on the county rotation. a real good ole boy

  7. Joey says :Reply

    Jay Dickson, that was who the drunken driver in Leon County was that Kevin covered up the accident. He is the ranch manager of Center Ranch, a 9000 acre operation that makes it owns products and ships cattle all over. Kevin’s family has a small ranch nearby and they profited well from covering this up. The victim was an older man named Don Riley that was not from here. I heard his brother is a preacher in Centerville.

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    2nd inmate in the Anderson County to die this year just did….http://www.kltv.com/story/38439567/inmate-dies-in-anderson-county-jail

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    How many have they destroyed and even murdered? Several

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    Meth in Palestine (Anderson County) is out of control. Tweakers I know have told me the authorities have a hand in it.

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    Question is how many has Taylor killed other than the inmate in TDCJ? And how much meth money does he make?

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